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14th December 2005, 21:17
My XT 600 is having a few problems starting, once it starts it seems to run fine for a while then it just conks. Other times it starts fine, runs for a while and there are no dramas. Once started and I have it in nuetral ocassionally it will kill as soon as i give it a few revs.

Any idea on what the fuck could be wrong? Any help or checks that you recommend?


14th December 2005, 21:31
They have trouble with carb intake rubbers,but with the age of your's I wouldn't think it likely.I'd go for a carb clean - just drop the float bowl and blow out both carbs,take note of any crap inside.Remove idle mixture screw and blow through,idle jet too - use Gunk carbclean and put the plastic extention nozzle on the jets.Clean the plug and try again.

14th December 2005, 21:32
Are you using the choke?

14th December 2005, 21:34
Water in the petrol

15th December 2005, 07:04
Do you turn your petrol off when parked up?
You should then turn it back on and go make a coffee before starting the bike. Gives the carb time to fill up to normal operational level.

15th December 2005, 07:58
With your bike being as new as it is, unless you have used an organic fuel additive, wouldn't be crap in the carbie, if it has electric fuel pump as long as it's working OK shouldn't need priming.

If you can, cover the air intake partialy, that should tell you if it is fuel or your choke is not working, have to do that on the impulse when hasn't been used for a while but thats cause it's old cruddy and out of tune, I've had the carbies apart more times than there are days in the week, then I played around with the balance and mixture and made it worse.

I would look at plugs, clean them check gap and make sure they spark, could be a coil or igniter weak, only guessing here.

Hope you get it sorted.