View Full Version : ZXR250 Feeling HOT HOT HOT

16th December 2005, 14:33
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

now we have come into our summer of here in sunny QLD i have noticed the ZXR really struggling once she get a bit warm under the collar (which doesn't take long i might add). it gets the the point where she just wont go over 10 grand and just generally struggles for power.

now the bike is in need of a good service (cant till after xmas) but what im wondering is does anybody have/had the same problems and can I fix the problem b4 service time??

any suggestions much apprec.


16th December 2005, 14:35
go get a good service. That'll solve a lot of problems.
Mean time, check and possibly flush the coolant

16th December 2005, 14:38
and keep a very very close eye on the temp guage..... also the heat and humidity levels could be screwing with the jetting :)

16th December 2005, 14:45
Mine get's a little warm from time to time, but no problems with regards power and such. Think it's the humidity mostly.