View Full Version : can u get a kick start for a minimoto pocketbike

27th December 2005, 09:59
im tryin 2 start my minimoto with a pull start but i cant pull it so i need a kickstart so i can start it by my self not gettin my dad 2 help me

27th December 2005, 10:04
get your girl friend to help:motu:

27th December 2005, 10:07
Theres a trick to starting them qwith the puller.

you can't just give them a yank from all the way wound in. that is how you can very easily break them.

pull it out partially until you can feel the cable tighten (this is where it engages) it will be very slack until you get to this point. Once you get it out to where it engages. then pull and it will never break. if it doesnt start first pull don't just yank it, pull it out to engage slowly, then pull repaeat this for every pull.

and this should make it easier to start.

i don't think you can get a kick start for them. but try looking on ebay you never know your luck. may get in the way a bit though when riding?.

i found with a bike of mine i used to have with a similar motor that if you have a primer on the carby prime that heaps b4 you start it they can be a bit of a pain to start im guessing it's the 2 smoker?

Hope that can help you.

Cheers: MA

27th December 2005, 10:07
Oh and welcome to kb.