View Full Version : Taupo Drag meet 01/02 january 2006

3rd January 2006, 21:10
I don't know if any other KBers made it to the drag meeting . It was the first meeting on the new Taupo drag strip.
What a fantastic time day --very dusty and windy and the meetig was called early because of rain on the track.

3rd January 2006, 22:15
I have never seen such a crowd at Taupo:gob: Was a massive turn out! Rode down with a few SCMC and even took my 8 year old son on the back...he has the bug now:doh: Good way to slow me down though.(Incredible how much more alert & careful one is with precious cargo aboard)
Was lots of waiting around but those Jet cars were worth the wait:headbang: Thought they weren't gonna stop before the end of the track! Was really disappointed we didn't get to see the real Drag Bikes, that was what I wanted to see the most. The stunt rider who was entertaining between classes ran out of tricks pretty quick too:wait: standing wheelies can only amuse for so long.
Pitty about the rain putting a stop to it all but a damn good day out. Son was bitterly disappointed when he had to go home in a car, he really wanted to be on the back of the bike in the rain:rolleyes:

4th January 2006, 10:41
Goblin --that was me around mid day in the chopper drag racing a couple of funny cars
We were on hover till I saw the green light then raced em down the strip

4th January 2006, 10:49
Oh you lucky bugga!! My mate Richie even commented that the funny cars beat the chopper. My son was waving at you guys up there too:wavey: We were lucky to have our backs to the wind and dust so it didnt really bother us too much. Was a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

4th January 2006, 12:07
We went to and I didn't think it was that great and haven't spoken to anyone who did. I paid my $25 to watch drag racing not sit around watching an empty track or a track with a Suzuki Vitara driving up and down trying to sort the problem with the lights. If we'd known that they didn't have their act together we wouldn't have bothered and most people we know wouldn't have either. They would have been better off delaying the meeting and having everything sorted than have people walk away pissed off and we saw plenty of them. Hopefully it can only get better and people will venture back to check it out.


4th January 2006, 12:13
I saw plenty of unhappy poeple too but for their first ever meeting you have to expect some problems and delays. Nothing anyone can do about the weather though. If it so bothers you about the money, e-mail the organisers and ask for it back or a ticket to the next one.

4th January 2006, 12:20
We have Gavin the promoters phone number as we had been speaking to him prior as we were keen to take our cars if they were doing a display. Glad we didn't the dust would be the pits to clean. We're thinking about running in club champs at the end of the month but if they don't get the pit area a bit more sorted my car definately wont make it in there. I was expecting problems but no the ridiculous delays they had on the day, I would have been gutted if I had travelled a long way for the day there were people behind us from Wellington who were not happy at all.

4th January 2006, 17:00
Clair---we were staying in the same motel as some guys from CHRISTCHURCH
they were pretty pissed at the track conditions and with the meeting being called way early.
I was gonna do a EOD but Im glad I diddnt now.
Once the main circuit is finished and the grass etc is down all will be heaps better.
Just wish we could get 15000 people to a road race event

8th January 2006, 20:48
Hey, I went to this too and there's shit loads of room for improvement in their organisation (even fuck all rubbish bins FFS!!). And I've never seen a drag meet run so slow. If you're worried bout the money, do remember that they've offered free entry on the 28th (just make sure you keep your ticket from the 2nd - they don't tell you that).Too right Goblin, those Jet cars were incredible, 3.3sec pass at 401kms!!!! so disappointed the Top fuel bike didn't run.

However, did anyone else go to Meremere for the Dragmasters yesterday? The top fuel drag bike did a run there. The guys a nutter, it got sideways and still ran a 6sec pass! Unfortunately he was stopped while staging for his 2nd run due to a fluid leak.

And did anyone see how that Speed triple crashed on the start line? Did he endo it??

Anyway's, was a much better day than Taupo (even if the imports did get their arses whooped!), hopefully they can learn from Champion how it should be done.

11th January 2006, 09:15
if they don't get the pit area a bit more sorted my car definately wont make it in there.

Hey Claire...how 'bout joining us on thursdays? (see the "any rotovegas KB'rs" thread)

What kinda wheels have you got?