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22nd January 2006, 20:37
Pretend I've just dropped in from Mars. I'm totally confused about these bikes and Google hasn't been my friend on this occasion.

When I were a lad, the smallest bikes were things like the Honda 50 Step-through. A mate had a Kawasaki 50 (AR50?) called Kermit which was a commuter and a power of fun.

So my question is - what is the difference between a small 50 - 100cc motorcycle, a similar sized scooter, a mini-bike, and a pocket bike?

I've seen some small choppers - what are these? M/C dealers in Invercargill and indeed in Christchurch don't seem to have them on the floor. I have never to my knowledge seen a minibike except at the Brass Monkey.

I only realised I had no idea when I browsed a recent thread here. The bikes looked like sport bikes until I clicked an image which showed 3 adults riding toys. :Oops:

So if anyone can bring me up to date I'd be really grateful. I have a 10yr old son who has a birthday in April............ :D

22nd January 2006, 20:40
Ok, so the small toy ones are mini motos, the mini choppers are peices of crap that are for try hards that cant afford the real thing....

The Beast
22nd January 2006, 20:45
Mini motos or pocket bikes are race bikes.
They range from 40cc aircooled to 50cc watercooled and the heaviest I know of is just under 30kg.
They can reach speeds of 100kmh and are very fun to race!

Choppers are more toys and yes a waste of time.

For more info go to http://www.xpmltd.co.nz

22nd January 2006, 21:01
Whoa - that was quick. Thanks very much. The mini-bikes are sexy looking machines and I can see the attraction. Can I presume that they are basically bought as a fun machine for racing?

I could see these bikes taking over from go-carts.

I still have trouble understanding the actual size. None of the photos have people around to give a sense of scale.

What about ordinary 50cc bikes - apart from scooters - are they called anything different these days?

The Beast
22nd January 2006, 21:12
Sorry mate, they are roughly 1m long and half a metre high. I have a pic of me with our team bikes somewhere?

What do you mean "ordinary 50cc bikes"?
Are you talking about something like a Streetmagic?

Yeah sorry guys, sites having a little bit of a makeover and is only half done.


22nd January 2006, 21:20
What do you mean "ordinary 50cc bikes"?
Are you talking about something like a Streetmagic?

Well sort of although it looks like it has fairly small wheels and this site calls it a scooter. http://www.bikez.com/bike/index.php?bike=21436

But it looks like a regular bike to me. So yes, registered on/off road bikes which adults can ride - but with larger wheels than scooters.

The Beast
22nd January 2006, 21:23
Yeah that is known as a scooter or a moped because it is 50cc, well that's what I know it as, it's like a cross between a bike and a scooter in my opinion.

22nd January 2006, 21:44
I went and watched mini moto racing at Tokoroa Kart track last year. Looks like loads of fun...plus some! Has gathered a huge following and it's as funny as a fight to see grown men and women on these little pocket racers. Funnier still are the little tiny kids that are actually proportioned to these bikes!

Sulphur City Rally had a dozen or so guys on mini motards (thumpsta's I think) who were doing some quite impressive jumps and stunts. The bikes seemed to handle being jumped for hours at a time.

The mini choppers are different again. Have not had anything to do with them really so cant really have a say on that.

The Beast
22nd January 2006, 21:48
They could have been thumpstars or they may have been the chinese copies.
Thumpstars are just under 4 grand from memory and you can pick up a chinese one for around 1200 or less. But obviously not as good quality.

22nd January 2006, 21:52
These were the real mcoy....dont think cheap copies would have lasted as well as these did. Good fun too:laugh:

22nd January 2006, 22:00
Sorry I meant to post pics before...here's one of the pocket racers I saw at Tok.

The Beast
23rd January 2006, 11:55
What'd they do to that poor bike!?!?!?!?!?!
Looks like they made the frame higher to make it easier to sit on.

23rd January 2006, 16:10
Phuck nose....you're the expert here. I thought they all looked like that.

The Beast
23rd January 2006, 17:29
That bit that I've outlined ain't normal, looks to me like they have made the seat higher so they don't have to bend their legs as much. Which I personally, think that it would make it even harder to ride because the centre of gravity has been moved further back making it more prone to flipping back, but only if the bike had been slightly modified to say the least. But each to their own, it might suit the riders style. If that is what it's like from the factory, I wouldn't buy one of their bikes!!

23rd January 2006, 17:39
Mmmm! Interesting. I see what you mean. I think the dude did modify it himself, not 100% sure but he is an older fulla and the old joints don't work like they used to. He's right into it & has so much fun on them.

23rd January 2006, 18:28
Yeah that is known as a scooter or a moped because it is 50cc, well that's what I know it as, it's like a cross between a bike and a scooter in my opinion.
Scooter is gear driven i.e. no chain, has small wheels 8-12 inches and is step through.

23rd January 2006, 19:05
Appreciate the posts guys and I'm learning. In fact these mini bikes look like a heap of fun. Except they must be a bit hard for an adult to sit on surely.

23rd January 2006, 19:39
Mini-moto's (pocketbikes) have no suspension...
so yep they would get a tad hard on the butt after a while...

Chat to Whitetrash, kwakakid and Aff-man as they have mini-moto bikes.

Whitetrash also has a pitbike as well.

These guys have posted up pics of them on these bikes racing the mini-motos around Mt Wellington go-kart race track.

Mini-choppers are crap bikes and are not worth the money they cost.
They fall apart and not road legal at all.

Chat to WINJA or Qckchk (sp) about Street Magic's as they both own one.

The Beast
24th January 2006, 19:09
Mini-moto's (pocketbikes) have no suspension...
so yep they would get a tad hard on the butt after a while...

One would think so but I find this is not the case...It goes more towards the knee's cramping I find. But that's only after quite a long time.

25th January 2006, 19:14
Mini-Moto and Pocket Bike used to be two different things. Now they are the same - since the introduction of the mini-bike (such as the Honda NSF100). Basically, mini-motos are the next size down from mini-bikes :)

The Beast
25th January 2006, 19:33
Minimoto is actually the italian name for them.