View Full Version : Here's mine!

29th January 2006, 08:40
My little toy is a Suzuki badged 49cc air cooled bit of fun.
I've not had chance to use it much as it's been cold and wet, plus not too many public places appreciate 2 strokes flying around :nono:

It will however be in my shipping crate when we move from the UK to NZ in a few months time :)

The Beast
29th January 2006, 16:21
Nice bike mate, any modifications?
I'll try and dig up some photo's of our Team Bikes.
And maybe a video too.

30th January 2006, 00:25
No, all standard. It belonged to my father-in-laws friend who owns a track. He recently replaced the air-cooled ones with water-cooled ones so I got a freebie :)

15th February 2006, 09:03
Ive got one too.
Check out the pic under my user cpu.

Havent used it in a while though. I think the petrol has gone off.

Great thing to ride though.