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27th March 2004, 21:57
There's one ride left for the charity fundraising series to be hold at Mimiha Rd, Matata.
Then the Tarawera rides start up.
There's between 200 and 500 riders at every ride, PM me for more info.
Check out the link for more info.


28th March 2004, 11:38
You guys do pretty good down there - we only get 50 riders max at a trial.What's your secrete? wayward fingers and slow eyes?

28th March 2004, 13:09
I'm assuming this means "trail" rides not "trial" and see the latest bad news is the fuss over the trail rides in the Otaki area with the organiser having to postpone one until they figure out how to get consent when the by-laws are strict on noise and I guess there are now too many rich townies setting up lifestyle housing in the area and moaning about the bikes going up the valley and on into the Gorge area.

28th March 2004, 17:12
Spelling.... not to good ah.

It should be trail.......
There were 7 charity rides with around 200 minimum to well over 500, these are all on farmland where the farmers is usually big time into riding.
The Tarawera rides are all up the forest, so nobody to annoy.