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2nd April 2004, 20:26
Just wondering how many Kms you should except to get from a 2 stroke bike.And how many from a 4 stroke.


Two Smoker
2nd April 2004, 20:33
Aslong as they are well maintained, they will last for ages, (60000 odd) 4 strokes will last longer than the 2 strokes, ive heard of RG150's being fine after 40000km's and im sure FXR's could last for 80000 easy :niceone:

2nd April 2004, 20:38
My TZR is still going strong after 75,000 miles

2nd April 2004, 20:46
Just wondering how many Kms you should except to get from a 2 stroke bike.And how many from a 4 stroke.


I presume you are talking about how many kms before the engine is worn out and buggered or are you asking about speed or fuel use?

If its kms distance then it so depends on the engine size and/or type of engine and what use it is put to. The smaller the engine the shorter the distance if they are similar types e.g. say a 125cc compared to say a 250cc of similar type such as both being trail bikes or both being road bikes. Many years ago if you bought a 125 2 stroke you might have been lucky if you got much more than 20,000kms out of it before you had to rebuild the engine and a bigger engine would have gone maybe up to 1.5 to 2 times that. A 4 stroke might have gone double the distance of the 2 stroke but the rebuild cost would be higher.

These days the engines seem much more reliable but it depends so much on the state of tune - many are of such high performance now that they may not go much further than the older engines did but they do it with so much more power i.e. overall they are so much better. Many of the smaller 2 strokes are going more like up to 50,000kms before rebuild while the 4 strokes are getting 100,000kms or more. For the big engines over 100,000kms is a doddle.

So to sum up it so depends on the engine size and the style of bike and how you ride it to give an absolute km number but generally a similar 4 stroke will go further than a 2 stroke under similar conditions - I'm guess in about 2 to 1 at least but then they are more expensive to rebuild when the time comes.

However, 2 strokes available for road use are becoming a rare breed these days and the same is happening on the trail too with strict emission laws, particularly in California, catching up with them.

2nd April 2004, 21:09
If your willing to do the work on em' they last forever.
Iv'e had 380000 kms on one bike.
Two strokes as well,If looked after.
Neither of em' stand on ya' foot or kick you ether.

Posh Tourer :P
3rd April 2004, 09:13
The old beemers can be good for 2-300,000kms. My old MZ ETZ250 2-stroke did about 40,000-50,000miles. I think the Honda CB125 does about 60,000kms. Good range there for you...

3rd April 2004, 22:45
Last year I sold a 86 VFR750 with 140,000km's on it. When I brought it (for the then g/f) I wanted to check it out properly so as to know that she'd be safe as, on it and the hardening on the cam's etc still looked like new. Those motors are so strong. :niceone:

3rd April 2004, 23:12
It is all relative to how well it is looked after. Do nothing to it - and good luck seeing 50,000. Change the oil regularly and the filters, check her for loose bits, worn bits, tired bits and do the R&M when required and they will run for donkeys.

There is no magic formula - it comes down to the particular model of bike, the treatment it gets and the conditions it works in

4th April 2004, 11:18
My tzr's just ticked over 80,000km's :D

5th April 2004, 17:57
My tzr's just ticked over 80,000km's :D

... but its not on its original motor you have said before haven't you?

6th April 2004, 17:33
Nobody knows :(

It had a 2nd hand motor put in at 50,000km's, so I'd say the one i'm running now has done at least 50,000kms since it was rebuilt.