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20th February 2006, 17:47
Ok, I've got me a little Cagiva Mito, sweet looking bike...and it finally arrived today via the freight company and:

It won't turn over...I can hear the solenoid click but it seems maybe a the starter motor doesn't want to operate? Or is it more likely a dud solenoid? I took the cover off the solenoid and it looks as if someone has soldered some of it (average job but you can tell its not factory)...anyone help?

And...when I push start it, it revs right up to 6-7K and idles around there (quite roughly). No matter what I do with the idle control knob...however the oil supply knob (right next to the idle knob) is completely missing! Is this my problem? (Obviously need to replace it, but is the high rev problem). I didn't want to run it too long without it?

Can anyone help? I would ask on the Mito forum but it seems to be down?

Brian d marge
20th February 2006, 18:32
Reving high , try the cable first , make sure the slide is shutting off , failing that it sounds like an air leak AFTER the venturi .

Soleniods ? did NZ ever get that AA advert on the telly about the dodgy solenoid?
Any way they can be tested easily , Pm if you need any help with this

Cant think of much at the mo ....

Nice wee bike the Mito

Good luck


20th February 2006, 18:49
If the solenoid is clicking it's most likely the starter - check for power at the starter when you press the button.

High idle - what Stephen said,make sure the slide is clicking when it hits the bottom of the carb body.Then look for air leaks.

20th February 2006, 20:40
Thanks guys, I found the high idle...the cable was pulled taunt at the carb end so that's now fixed.

She runs rough as guts...its supposed to be rougher than a 4T but it sounds pretty sick and won't idle for long by itself (choke or not). Idle adjustment screw does nothing so I figure it is to do with the mixture screw being missing? Any thoughts.

Getting no power at the starter motor or pretty much anywhere upfront but get power to the starter solenoid (brass thingy). Will try and replace that tomorrow and see if that helps.

I don't mind push starting it for a little while, but the rough running and the mixture screw missing has me worried...can anyone shed any light on if that is the problem now, or what it means if its missing?