View Full Version : FXR150 motor

20th February 2006, 20:16
Anybody know where I can get an FXR150 motor? Or even complete bike? Unfortunately my motor went bang & there's not much left. I don't think it liked exceeding 15,000 rpm. New CDI gave another hp but without a rev-limiter I need to learn more restraint.

20th February 2006, 21:22
Man! 6 mins between saying you'd wired in a new CDI and the motor going bang. Thats impressive. If you want an engine that can easily handle 15,000+ rpm, get a CBR250. I've even got an (battered) engine lying round.

1st March 2006, 18:24
I can't bucket race a CBR250... Yep, the motor didn't last long, but I can't blame the CDI - it did what it was supposed to do. Any rider of a bike with no rev limiter needs to know the safe max revs & keep below them. I know the safe reves for an FXR now...

1st March 2006, 18:56
I've got a whole bike but I kinda want to bucket it myself, but if the price is right...

You'd be after an unrego'd thrasher though I'd imagine. Mine's still reg'd and wof'd and rather pristine, there'll be better bargains about than what I'd want to part with her for.

3rd March 2006, 17:30
Unfortunately I'm not interested in buying anything expensive. Since my earlier post I sourced a motor of unknown condition from a wrecker down country for $500 including freight. I fitted this into my race bike & even though it was lacking the cams etc of my dead motor, it still did a respectable job. At Mt Wellington last Sunday against the fast guys on CB125Ts (Dave Manuell, Karl Morgan & Gary Cunningham) it managed to win the day overall (1st & 3rd) after some of the closest racing I've been involved in.

I'm still interested in another motor (I now see the need for a spare) but only at the right price.