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27th February 2006, 19:48
Does my clutch cable need adjusting if i'm thunking into first gear? It's only if the bike is off of course - but once I start it up - when I go into first it thunks - if I pull the cable as tight as possible it 'thunks' into gear more gently....if this makes any sense?

27th February 2006, 20:01
most bikes thunk when going into gear anyway. But if it's quite a 'lurch' into gear, then yeah, probably does. Just take up the slack by turning the silver disc on the clutch lever. Don't tighten it all the way up, just a turn at most.. You should still have a little bit of play on the lever

27th February 2006, 22:25
Ok yep - tightened it - seems to slip into first nicer now. :)

28th February 2006, 22:47
Does my clutch cable need adjusting ...
Basically: Should be some slack in lever when out, clutch bites about halfway and when pulled in tight (engine running) first gear selected it should roll backwards freely and click out of gear easily when stationary. If not, then cable needs slight adjustment.

The thunk is normal. Loudest when cold.