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3rd March 2006, 11:41
Aaee Currumba!

Been told this button sized metal valve shim thing for the FXR150 engine cost between $9 and $15 each (depends on size required)! With 4 valves in this 150cc engine, that's a bucket load of money if all four need replacement.

Have assumed mine is also button sized after reading an article on SV650S engine because they had a picture of it and as it turns out the in/out let valve clearances are the same for both engines!

Aaee Currumba!
Do you think this price is extra ordinary high?

For those who have done their valve adjustments, at what km distance did you find the shims actually needed replacement? (I've a twin cam engine, so Aaee Currumba! what fun if they need replacement)

Are shims a one size fits all for all Suzuki engines and other brand engines?

3rd March 2006, 11:46
It's a precision ground, genuine spare part, all the way from Japan. That you can get them at all is a bonus. It's doubtful you'll need all four replaced though :) My current bike was checked at 32000kms, no change required. They're not one size fits all, iirc there's an Oz company that has millions of different types for all sorts of motors, they custom make too :)

3rd March 2006, 11:51
Good question. i really need to do mine, but I've been put off it because there's 16 in my bike, and if I don't have a shim set the bike is off the road until I put the new shims in.

3rd March 2006, 11:52
Aee Currumba!
Do you think this price is extra ordinary high?Don't worry, there are Honda NR750 owners taking out second mortgages to pay for their valves shims.


3rd March 2006, 11:53
Touch wood then I won't need new ones.

I'll be checking the valve clearance myself because I think that's a job my mechanical skill level can handle.

Will I need to replace the gasket when the head cover gets removed? (It's not leaking and assuming it didn't get damaged in the process of removal).

3rd March 2006, 13:23

I used them when I did the valve clearances on the Zeal, they were prompt (took under a week iirc for the shims to arive) and fairly cheap (see their price list).
You just need to know the diameter of the shims and the thicknesses you require. It's possible the shims in there will be different thicknesses so you may be able to swap one or two of them around if they happen to be the required size for one of the other valves. The shims should have numbers on one side of them for the thickness, like 176 = 1.76mm.

Dunno what you're complaining about though, a single cylinder 4 stroke has about the minimum number of shims you could get, unless it was only a 2-valve. :bleh: ;)

When I did the Zeal's shims I just re-used the seal that was on it (it was glued to the cylinder head by someone previously, so I just left it in place). First time I did it it was ok, I think maybe when I did the camchain it leaked a tiny bit so I put a little bit of silicone sealant stuff on it and it's been fine.

Some other things:
Double check the thicknesses you require before ordering, make sure you haven't gone the wrong way (ie ordered a shim .06 bigger when you actually needed it .06 smaller).
Block up the hole the camchain goes down with a clean rag to help prevent things from falling in the engine (and remember to take it out before putting the cam cover back on :whistle: )
If they are under-bucket shims, a suction cup might be useful to get the buckets out (I used one from a toy dart gun).

3rd March 2006, 15:04
Most bike shops,talk to the mechanics NOT the sales person, should have an exchange fee. Around $5 so. Btw looks like shim haven't gone up at all over the last 20 odd years, if that makes you feel better. Another option is to pop into an auto wreckers, or m/c wreckers for that matter, and see what they have.

3rd March 2006, 21:36
Try yer local wrecker, they usually have some kicking around....take a vernier or mic with ya.

8th March 2006, 18:22
It's a precision ground, genuine spare part, all the way from Japan. That you can get them at all is a bonus.

I wonder if the dealers are buying these kits then on selling them at a 1600% mark up?.
The last shims i got were not OEM Suzuki.