View Full Version : NC30 - Idle settings etc

7th March 2006, 15:59
Quick Questions

What should my bike idle at at operating temp. How many revs should I have her idling at when cold..... and when choke is set to full - what should it be idling at......Just want to adjust it...

7th March 2006, 16:03
Do you have the workshop manual?

7th March 2006, 16:05
Once at op temp around 1300-1500 I have mine a bit higher round 1750

7th March 2006, 16:06
1300rpm + / - 100 With no choke

Google for one of:

VFR400R_C01.pdf VFR400R_C03.pdf VFR400R_C07.pdf VFR400R_C12.pdf VFR400R_C15.pdf


7th March 2006, 16:10
I have the haynes manual but im at work - and it is not - KILLING TIME... :)