View Full Version : NSR Engine Dismantling - bearing puller alternatives

22nd March 2006, 19:24
Delving into the seized engine that originally came with my NSR, I've hit 2 snags:

1. The flywheel/stator wont come off.
It's got a special super fine left hand thread in it that is totally devoid of use other than for what seems to be for a special tool, and I'm guessing that's a bearing puller of some kind. Now I'll be damned if I'll buy, or even worry about making this tool cause the likelyhood of my getting this engine going again are 400:1 (especially if I can't find a new barrel for it to run with) so anyone got any other nifty tricks for getting off the flywheel?

2. The crankcase pries apart about 5mm on one side over to about 0 on the other, and the heaving is rather tiresome. I'm sure it opens a little further with each heave, so I can carry on with it, but in case someone has a trick for this too, by all means share.


22nd March 2006, 19:52
I think if you wont buy the flywheel puller (about $20). You should give up and list it on tard me. "NS250 motor unable to start, maybe electrical problem" so you get one neg feedback and $300 then you will have heaps to buy the flywheel thing

Brian d marge
23rd March 2006, 13:38
Buy the flywheel puller. Honda also usually use a too to separate the cases on their 2 strokes, if you pry then apart you will damage the soft crankcase surface

When you buy the Flywheel puller Tighten it up and smack the end Sharp rap with a steel hammer the flywheel will pop right off.


23rd March 2006, 14:07
Go to a machinist and price up having him make you a puller...then price a ready made puller,I think you'll go for the shop item.If it's an internal left hand thead,then there were only a couple on sizes used...although it's not unheard of for Mr Honda to do it only his way.One of my pullers is double ended,it does both.

23rd March 2006, 16:36
$20?! I saw it for 40 pounds on a UK site and thought fark that, but $20 aint bad.

But if you rap on the end of it with a hammer, why not rap it with a hammer. As long as you're not going across the shaft to bend it. Don't wanna bollock out the bearings if they're fine though, hitting along the shaft. Might try a few taps and see. I aint prying between crankcases either, aware of that one, its all hands.

And it is internal left hand thread, and I know what a machinist would charge for it, half the reason I leapt to the conclusion of not gettin' one.

But the original aim was just to see if anyone had any other cunning ways of doing, which obviously no one does, so succumb to the man I must. I shall investigate purchasing a bearing puller further.

23rd March 2006, 16:41
youl will find that it is prob the bolts holding in the stator coils that are holding the cases together so you need to remove the flywheel , can buy one from tyga , real cheap or get the local bike shop to remove it , gota b f all just for that , thats what i did the first time i plled mine off , cost me 5 bucks
you cant be that tight

23rd March 2006, 16:54
No, I'm loose enough for a 5er.

I'd like to be able to do it myself though, but I just wont be doin' it often enough to warrant buyin' it probably.

We'll see.

Brian d marge
23rd March 2006, 18:43
Take the Bike to a bike shop and borrow theirs ( puller that is ) ... The reason everyone is saying use a puller is cause ( I for one ) have been down that path so many times before. Even me the ultimate skinflint went and bought a puller.

BTW some Hondas used the same thead as the rear axil so that might be worth trying .

Screw the Puller axil in then give the HEad of the puller a sharp twat with the hammer ( Try not to hit the flywheel as magnets can be a bit delicate )