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27th March 2006, 08:56
I had brought an old Savage to try and get going ,
it had been sitting for six years so thought this would be a good project as the bike seemed simple to work around.
Anyways..what I have done thus far and what i need advise on.

Got a new Battery. Check al the light/electrics and worked fine
New Air/oil and filter and plugs.
Drained all old gas and flushed tank and carb and replaced with new fuel. Checked Carb and no build up of crap and didnt looked burnt or anything.
Lines all attached and in alright condition
Chain fucckeed so removed.

Time to start
Got it going and idled well and this is where i ran into trouble.

Oil seems to be going through the exchaust as it starts to smoke and also maybe the fins.
What do I do??????
I dont want to spend millions as it is a learning project but if its not to major will give it a go.

Any help would be helpful


27th March 2006, 09:20
Do you know that it did not burn oil when it was first parked up?? If not, then maybe the rings have seized while sitting.

27th March 2006, 11:41
Uh, which Savage are we talking here ? The TS250 or the LS650 ? If the former, smoking is quite normal. If the latter, sounds like either the rings have gone (or have seized in the grooves from disuse) , or the valve seals have gone, or the head gaskets gone, the last being perhaps the most likely if by "also maybe the fins" you mean that there is oil over the fins which is getting hot and smoking off.

But how long have you run it? It may be just the effects of storage. Or maybe someone tipped some oil down the sparkplug hole to keep the bore from rusting.

It might take several hours running to clean up an engine that has sat for years.

27th March 2006, 12:56
Any help would be helpful
If you mean Suzuki Savage LS650, try posing on this site. www.suzukisavage.com
Lots of experts lurk there.

27th March 2006, 13:07
the common thing to do when putting a bike into storage is to pour some engine oil in the bore to stop it all seizing and rusting up....

so that will be in there if somebody did that so it will smoke for a while....

but if they ddn't put any oil down the bore prior to storage, quite possibly the rings have sized up into the bore as others have said...or inside the bore has gone rusty....i would say put it outside fire it up and just leave it to idle...for maybe 10 mins at first......see if the smoke eases off.

shut it off and check your oil level...has it gone down?.

if so it will most likely be your rings.

but if it has not but is still smoking...let it idle for another 10 mins. and just repeat that stopping it after 10 mins of idle and check your oil level....as you don't want it to run out....

i say to stop it after 10 mins or so because yes you could just leave it going for 30 mins at idle to clear it out ....but if you do that if it is burning oil you risk doing damage to the motor.

hope that helps

Cheers: MA