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28th March 2006, 00:39
Hey Guys...

After a bit of advise from people in the know...

Due to my bin on the coro a few months back my R/H front fairing doesn't screw properly into the nose, and is slightly loose... not sticking out or anything, but not securely attached to the front of the bike. (See pic for illustration - note: indicator has been replaced)

Question is... would this be a failure mark on a WOF for 'No Unsafe Items' or am I being stiffed?

Had considered just duct-taping it to pass the WOF... is this legal?

Also... anyone got a R/H handlebar for a ZXR400L4 lying around that I can have... like... tomorrow?


28th March 2006, 00:54
My right hand side fairing was held to the top fairing on the zzr250 with clear tape only... and passed wof. Nothing was mentioned.

As for technically... I don't know if they let it slide a little. But it was good for 105kph :msn-wink:

For the other bits, seriously, if you know another mech, see if they can check it out, just in case red baron is trying to stiff you.

28th March 2006, 08:53
I just got a warning to say my fairings were a little loose the other day. It's not like it makes it any more dangerous . So I don't think you'll have any problems.

28th March 2006, 09:06
The question is an objective one. Is it unsafe. could it fall off? could its "sticking out ness" catch on/injure the rider? Or pedestrians? Is it likely to come loose and fall off , or catch on something (bearing in mind, that if one mounting is damaged that may put extra loads on the remaining ones). If not, then it is no concern of the wof.

Having said that , there are some officious cunts out there.

If it needs to be secured, how it is secured is up to you, so long as it is secure. The wof has no concern about what the vehicle looks like (a cof is another matter but we normally need not worry about them for bikes)

28th March 2006, 09:07
any sharp items protruding from a vehicle will fail a WOF.
So it's easy. Take the side faring off. Take it for a WOF, get home, put the fairing back on. Duct tape won't buy you any brownie points.

28th March 2006, 09:19
If you want to secure the fairings drill the hole and stick a bolt through and have a washer and nut on the other side.

28th March 2006, 09:58
Yea i friend of mine had the same problem, Hes on a 900 fireblade, Fairing is now all taped up, Thats what they told him to do for the warrant. sounds a tad odd to me but he passed after ho put the tape on so lucky him,

28th March 2006, 10:21
This is the thing... the fairing is secured on about three other points and no way is it coming off... having been tested to 190kph...

It's not pointing outwards either, because it's tucked behind the nose cone...

Didn't really wanna hassle with taking the whole fairing off, so will just tape it up and put it back in... if he says it'll fail like that then I'll take it off... WOF it... and put it back on.

Cheers for the replys fellas :2thumbsup

28th March 2006, 11:58
it is considered dangerous as the original fitment was secure so it must be at all time
basically just fix it and be done with it they have your safety at mind