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tz lover
13th March 2003, 19:53
Hi there, just discovered the site and it looks great too.

Thought I would let you all know that there is racing on at Taupo on the 23/3 which is a sunday.

Its run by the Auckland M/C club and is catering for the post classics mainly ( pre 82 ).

Well worth a look I think

Goddess of Goof
22nd March 2003, 00:49
About the racing at Taupo - I'm going down with AMC to do Flag Marshall duties.
I'm not aware that it's pre 80's , I thought it was a combination
of club round and championship series. Never mind.....

Hope the weather is fine, the racing keen, everyone safe and plenty of good company afterwards.

My house is a wreck, the garden cries out for attention, my car needs servicing and my cat has forgotten who I am.

Let's go to the RACING !!!


tz lover
22nd March 2003, 08:07
yes! your right it the north island cup and caters for all classes but I am a bit biased as I ride a post classic bike!!!!

24th March 2003, 13:52
Oh what a weekend racing it was. 128 bikes showed up and although there was the usual carnage, nothing to serious and some great racing.

Although i'd have to admit when I got out ther for my first practise and found myself in the middle of 47 bikes incl 125's 150's 250's F3 (me) ane Supermotad I fair shit myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :argh:


However got a couple of classes moved around and ended up with a still rather daunting 39 bikes BUT it was ALL GOOD  :bigthumb::bigthumb::bigthumb: 

Many thanks to anyone who marshalled or helped out in the organising as it was truely a great day's racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th March 2003, 17:05
Hey Mitch, glad you had a great time. RU doing the winter series at Manfeild? Doc has signed me as fit to race now. But I'll have to race the SV in F2, wish classes were consistent one way or the other.

What's wrong with being in such a mixed bunch? Don't you like racing against supermotards or something?:D



Goddess of Goof
24th March 2003, 23:18
Hey guys - it was a great day. ! I was on point # 1 at the end of the straight, and saw some awesome racing.
The formula 1 class provided some huge action in the charge for the first corner ... momentous, gripping (pun intended) stuff, and some really well-handled racing lines. My compliments to the chefs.

Tell you wot I finK - it's tiring , you stand up for hours and hours. Its boring - you wait and watch and wait and watch for hours.
Its healthy - you get wind blowing at cher, sun frizzling yer, passing showers sprinkle yer.
Its also like war - (fashionable right now) I mean, all quiet until someone's off, and then its all full-on action and drama - and oh hell the rider's off and the bikes's down the road somewhere, and is it a red flag ?
I enjoyed my day working for you guys who race.
Although the rest of my life misses me, I feel wierdly happy cos it's as close to racing as I'll ever get, in this lifetime.
Vicarious pleasures.
Know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink.
Here's hoping all those who did come off and hurt themselves are now recovering well, and healing up OK. Love to youse all....


26th March 2003, 07:43
Hey there Bluninja

Good to hear the Doc's finally got ya sorted.  At this point I may have to confess that I wouldn't mind seeing Supermotards in their own class :rolleyes:  there was definetly enough of them there on the weekend to warrant it.  I think it's maybe been a while since you've been to Taupo though Si, think back and then imagin 47 bikes on that track at one time.................... :brick: 

I'm hoping to do the first round of the winter series (24 May) also it's the last round of the North Island cup.  There is heaps of racing coming up though!!  Pacific are running a Taupo series as well. 

So what are your plans??  When are you looking at getting back on the track???

First round of Pacific is in 2 weeks @ Taupo (13 April)



26th March 2003, 17:49
Mitch do you have more details about the Pacific series at Taupo ? Like classes and dates? I was going to wait until May to start racing again, but I could be tempted if you had space in a van or trailer :D


27th March 2003, 10:11
Pacific Series dates are

13 April,  15 June,  10 Aug,  Classes are standard, F1, F2, F3, 125, 250, Supermotard blaaaa blaaaaa blaaaaaa Don't know what Pacific club's views are on 650's in F3.  Hopefully they don't allow it hehehehehehe.

I usually go and crash at my mates in Te Puke the night before or stay with my mates parents so can't offer any assistance with transport to Taupo but Manfield shouldn't be a problem.

27th March 2003, 10:20
Thanks Mitch. Personally I think they should rank classes on power to weight ratio of bikes (including riders), or allow 650s in F3 if the rider exceeds 100kg :D

It would be some much easier if all the formula classes for nationals and clubs were the same (even if 650s ect got bumped up a class). Seems crackers that the national body can't (or doesn't) enforce simple class rules.


Racey Rider
10th September 2003, 20:58
Apparently there some form of bike racing at Taupo this weekend. As TZ is not online, and I need to make plans, is there anyone I can ring to confirm what the story is?