View Full Version : DR200 has no third gear.

6th April 2006, 22:52
My old DR200 has lost third gear (not quite sure how, my son was riding it) and is now like a neutral. Any easy solutions or is it a major dis-assembly.

7th April 2006, 06:33
I would say you are looking at a strip down myself, but look for obvious bits of metal jammed, or floating around in the area, I have had one gearbox job turn out to be a piece of cake, as it was just some shit jammed where it shouldnt be.

Fryin Finn
7th April 2006, 08:42
I'll keep an eye out it might be lying at the side of the road somewhere :weird:

10th April 2006, 16:33
Just coming back to this, I have an 82 DR 250, and I discovered it has a false neutral between 3rd and 4th, maybe you are suffering a longer term version of this?.