View Full Version : Rode a pitbike in the weekend.

Jase W
17th April 2006, 18:18
I was up in taupo over the weekend, and went out dirt riding with my cousin & some of his mates. They were all on "proper" dirt bikes, me and this other dude were relegated to the 110cc chinese cheapo cobbled-toger contraptions - which didnt really worry me too much. Found some good tracks off the napier-taupo road to have a fang on. I was surprised at what this thing could do as far as speed & hill climbing went (managed to get it up some pretty steep f*ckers), so I had a blast on it overall.

However, I would never buy one of those things - I was bouncing all over the place on it (im not a small lad though), and on the way back to the cars the exhaust came apart from the muffler (sounded pretty job), and then the exhaust came loose from the head.

Afterwards, my cousin showed me the two "parts" bikes that he had - these were bikes that had had some major breakdown (like wheels collapsing) and were yet to be picked up after being replaced. He told me that the bikes we were riding had pretty much had most parts replaced off the parts bikes because they keep breaking.

Still had a shitload of fun on it though!