View Full Version : K&N or HI FLO

Matt Bleck
21st April 2006, 14:04
Been trying to get a K&N air filter for da SRAD, tryed motomail whom said they don't stock them anymore and suggested a HIFLO filter.

Anyone tryed these before, are they any good, can you recharge them so to speak.

Thanks in advance.

Paul D

21st April 2006, 14:36
I heard the stockers flow more air?
Try gixxer.com or gsxr.com for info.

White trash
21st April 2006, 14:37
I used a Hi Flow for the CBR because although it's not re cleanable like the K&N, it's actually a proper filter. And they're cheaper.

Matt Bleck
21st April 2006, 14:59
yeah, there like a third the price.

21st April 2006, 15:21
have you priced up BMC also?
Best suited to suzukis, but most of write ups say stick with stock