View Full Version : Where has all the oil gone, la la la la la

23rd April 2006, 21:51
Puttering around town last week on the GB400 and thought the front felt a bit funny. On inspection, there is no dampening in the front shocks at all. There MAY be a few shortcomings in my thesis that "maintenance" means changing the engine oil every 4,000km and nothing else, but it would seem that there is no oil in either front shocks. Where has it all gone? There is no sign of any leak and the chrome is nice and spotless and boots in place (one has a split).

When I bought the GB back in '88, I thought the shocks would carry on until they spat oil everywhere so have not looked at them. How likely is it that they will leak when they are refilled (after flushing)?

Mental Trousers
23rd April 2006, 23:01
Are you sure there's none in them?? Could just be that the oil is way too old and has broken down so there's no damping now.

23rd April 2006, 23:10
Seriously? After 18 years? Well, each operation of the fork causes a tiny amount of oil to be spread over the fork staunchion. Too small to see, but that's why the staunchions are nice and shiny. A constant oil film. Take "too tiny to see" and multiply by 18 years.

May also be , as suggested,that tiny amounts of dust and abraded material have after all these years turned any remaining oil into sludge.

I'm pretty sure you are supposed to change the oil every so often.

24th April 2006, 21:38
Obviously the GB is no good to use any more. I'll buy it of you for a $1.