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26th April 2006, 23:16
OK I've had my Daytona 2 for a few months now and have spent a few sessions with Buster at several water reservoirs etc but I want to some indoore go kart action and or some outdoor go kart tracks. I go to minimoto.co.nz etc and everything is based in Wellington nagdamnit!

I can see I'm gonna have to start something up here cos I'll be damned if I can find anyone doing meets at proper tracks.

Please let me know if someone is having a meet here in Auckland.:first:

27th April 2006, 07:31
hey there , i used to ride mine with a group who hired out the go cart track up at silverdale by snow planet once a fortnight , also there was a meeting at mt wellington go cart track when the buckets were racing , i havent been for a while now so not sure if they are still going stong or not? cheers

The Beast
27th April 2006, 20:09
I'm pretty sure the meetings are still going at Mt. Wellington, just keep an eye on the forum....
Probably best to look at this one though, as it is the NZ mini-moto's Club website.

www.nzmmrc.co.nz (http://www.nzmmrc.co.nz)


28th April 2006, 16:27
Thanks guys, just finding it very hard to find any information on these events.

28th April 2006, 16:32
Good luck in trying to get some interest goin on here.............

I tried a couple of months ago but people got too anual about being on a public road (even tho its down a closed road....) they would rather sit home, watch Coro street and do their knitting. Maybe on a go-kart track, you will have a bit more success. (Only if you can get them off their arses)

White trash
29th April 2006, 09:09
Hey Bulldog, we take the kids out for some "off the record practice" and general little bike larking around almost every dry weekend at our private test track. You're welcome to join us, I'll let you know.

If you want real racing, there's a meeting sometime in MAy I believe at the Mt Well kart track. Make sure your bike's geared a bit higher though. Standard gearing is mostly fine on our track.

1st May 2006, 10:50
You mean in Auckland or Wellington? I'm definately gagging for some racing action though.

The Beast
1st May 2006, 16:50
Whitetrash means Auck...

1st May 2006, 16:53
may 20th is practice day and may 21st is race day at mount wellington kart track....

2nd May 2006, 22:19
Hi, so bring up your minimotard as well. There should be quite a few there this time. They race the buckets rain or shine. So if your brave enough on that weekend you can race no matter what the weather.

3rd May 2006, 13:41
youll remember me.... the guy that was taking all the photos last meet and rode the black mini motard....

the road registered pit bike...

3rd May 2006, 21:44
yeah I thought it looked like your bike in the photo. What you been up too? Steve has up graded his Honyo bike from 110cc to 125cc. Hah! you will have to really ride hard now.
I'm seriously thinking of riding as well, so you better look out double, ha ha ha ha.
I hope some more guys turn up to race as we maybe able to get our own pitty races eventually. There will be at least 3 more bikes from Silverfern Motorbikes there this time. All Honyo's, 125cc.
I'm hopeing Saturday will be fine so I can race the pockets. Ive got 2 that need a good work-out.:first:

3rd May 2006, 22:18
has he still got the 110 motor ?

:blip: :blip: my 3rd gear is buggered