View Full Version : Anyware to race a pocket bike in the Waikato ?

2nd May 2006, 21:35

I live in Matamata and have purchased a A0507 (Cheapest chinease bike). I also have all the gear but the knee pads and albo pads. Were does one find thease items cheaply ?

I am not sure this bike will handle racing yet :P would be fun!


2nd May 2006, 22:12
Hi Leyton,
Unforunatley the Hamilton kart track dont like minibikes. The best option is to find a carpark and have a blat around that.When you have enough of that come up to Mt Wgtn kart track.Im not sure about Tauranga, call the local go-kart track.
The bikes dont need much running in before you can thrash them. Thrash em we do!!!! The motor wont blow easily but other things like engine mounts, wheel bearings, tyres, front sprockets need attention on a regular basis.
I just wear some knee and elbow pads that they wear for skateboarding. Ive come off heaps of times and they offer good protection. GLOVES ARE GOOD TOO. When you glide across the tarmac on your stomach (most undignified it is) your palms tend to get a beating without gloves.
Check out the nzmmrc.co.nz website. It is soley for pocketbikes.
Enjoy your bike, ride fast and good luck!!
Granma.:Playnice: Nah not in a race.

2nd May 2006, 22:41
Totaly awsum help ! :)

I have a Diesal wagon that uses probably $20 to Auckland and back so a trip I might have to do :P.. one concern though... It is a shame about the Hamilton track, I am sure there would be alot of people wanting to give it a go like me. I used to race modified production saloons, that got tooo enspensive, sold my tow car, trailer and a year later the racing bug has got me again! This seams an awsum cheap fix :)

I noticed the rules were 750mm for the wheel base, The specs of my bike state its 950mm in lenth, I hope the wheel base is 750, it looks like it might be longer eeek....

I bought a cheap bike ! :P, I see the D2's are super cheap!, Well.. $100 more then what I paid here but atleast the parts are garrentee'd to be avalible. I am sure I can use parts from other mini bikes on this though anyways, everything looks quite standard and if I loose an engine I am sure I can fit another one in here even if I have to weld in a new plate etc...

I stripped this bike when I got it out of the box basicly following the advise of another poster, It paid off !! engine mount bolts were loose, exhaust bolts were loose and full of slag, normaly stuff hehe.

Thanks heaps :)

2nd May 2006, 22:52
I just measured roughly, its between 700mm and 750mm but no bigger then 750mm, SWEET ! :)

Everything else on the bike complys.

The Beast
2nd May 2006, 23:24
Have you got protective plastic Bar-ends?
What kind of foot pegs are on the bike?

3rd May 2006, 00:00
Nylon pegs, the ends of the bars are plastic for effect covering nylon :)

The Beast
3rd May 2006, 15:58
Good stuff mate, set to go.

3rd May 2006, 20:53
Sounds like it :) Cheers guys !

3rd May 2006, 21:33
Try contacting Tokoroa Kart Club - they might be happy to get some donations for when they're not using it.

4th May 2006, 19:11
Humm that sounds like a plan, will have to get togeather a bunch of pocket bikers

The Beast
4th May 2006, 20:04
I wouldn't bother contacting Toke Kart track....
They aren't too keen on Pocketbikes....

4th May 2006, 22:34
Seams alot of tracks are not kean, I got the wrong impression of karters the last time I hung out with a crowd of em! I might be wrong.

I would imagin karts would do my damage to a track then a mini bike, expecialy if there was kart contact and framing broke and scored the track (would be rare I would imagine). There choice and I respect. We are lucky a few tracks are supporting this sport more and more :)

The Beast
5th May 2006, 15:47
Yeah it's confirmed, we are banned from Tokoroa Kart Track, no-one seems to know why. 99% of karters are good, but there is a small number that aren't keen. Karts do damage the track, sprockets scraping etc. when they go partially on the kurb and bounce back down...

5th May 2006, 18:40
Oh that so sucks but its there track.... Hummm I will get talkin localy to some shops I think and see what the interest is in Matamata, I wounder how it is Tauranga way, I have heard Te Puke karters dont mind pocket bikes on there track.

White trash
6th May 2006, 08:59
Hey Leyton. Not sure, but did you buy the bike off Lindsay? If so I remember ya. Good on ya for looking for somewhere to race. There's an event in Edgecumbe tomorrow if you fancy a little drive. It's the third round of the national points.

Good luck man and I'll see you at a track soon.

6th May 2006, 20:48
I bought the bike from John Rowbotham at Surplus brokers :), I decided to start off with a bike around the $400 mark :), And I am still impressed at the quility of the bike ! I feel confident it will provide quite a few good track days :), Edgecomb sounds good, its really not that far away to travel. I got a flew at the moment so driving around and far is a bit out of me atm :P