View Full Version : MiniMoto meeting, Sth AK, 07/05/06

White trash
6th May 2006, 19:49
Spur of the moment thing.

If anybody wants a bit of practice on our private track tomorrow, PM me. With the alledged one hour coming up, Tristan and I need the chasis tuning time and some practice riding around slow pokes.

If you're up for the callenge, flick me a PM for details.

I'm thinking early arvo at this stage.

6th May 2006, 20:15
will there be refreshments provided?

White trash
6th May 2006, 21:17
Is there ever not?

White trash
8th May 2006, 07:43
Had a nice day out yesterday. Ganma2 and Mr Granma (Granpa?) joined us with their collection of Motos and motard. It was nice to have another pit bike to dice with although I was getting pretty out of shape on knobblies and shit suspension.

Thanks for coming guys and we'll see a few more next time no doubt

8th May 2006, 19:41
Hi guys,
We had a great time at "The track". We will be back for some more next weekend. Probably Sunday avo. Granma has got to get a bit better at the motard thing. It was great fun watching you guys. Steve bought the spanner to make the yellow beast go faster. COOL ! cant wait to get out there again.
Granma and Granpa. (He whose not impressed) LOL.:not: