View Full Version : Looking to hire a scooter/smaller bike Chch or Nelson

25th May 2006, 04:45
Hi Kiwibikers,

I've been trying to get some info regarding scooter hire in South Island - I want to borrow a bike for between 5 - 9 days in just under a month, ideally from CCH or Nelson, but not having much luck finding info online. Thought it might be better to ask on forums and this looks to be the biggest [ok, so far only!] forum I've found. Nice place you have here. I tried City Scooters in CCH who sell the Belladonna but they don't have any to hire of any of their smaller scooters - and it seems all the motorbike hire places I've seen so far charge and arm and a leg. Over here in Perth Oz, a 50cc will set you back equivalent of $NZ35 a day, or as little as $25 per day on a weekly hire. I don't mind paying a bit more than that, especially for a 150, but I don't really want to pay around $NZ 80 a day, bit out of my budget. I really don't like cages, haven't driven one in years, so just trying to get any info, or any riders out there with a spare scooter in either CCH or Nelson who would hire to a visiting Oz scooterist [happy to give decent security deposit]... any pointers, offers or assistance gratefully accepted!


29th May 2006, 13:11
I tried Thunderbike and Filco in Nelson and neither of them do scooter hire. The only other scooter hire I've seen in Nelson are little electric ones but they are dead slow. If you are interested, I'll find out.
What are your intentions for the scooter use? Travelling by bus and then transport in the main centres, or use the scooter for touring?

29th May 2006, 15:56
Hey rdrzcbr,

I would be okay with a 50cc from Nelson but not from Christchurch, as I want to do most of my nipping around in that area. I tried to find any kind of hire even 50cc from Nelson and had nooo luck online. My only concern is a 50cc maybe not making it up Takaka hill? But basically most of my visiting is around Motueka and the Moutere. Ive' been told by friends there is no scooter hire in Mot, so Nelson is the next choice. I'm used to getting around on a 50 as that's what I own, and I'm happy to use it for trips of up to a couple of hours at a go, and I don't mind taking it slow! But a 150 > 250 would be my ideal [in fact the Belladonna is absolutely what I want to hire as I'd love to buy one - 2 stoke 150 scooter=perfect] cos then I could come up all the way from CCH at decent highway speed. If hiring from Nelson I'd be flying in from CCH, to save some time, and I don't like buses! :blah: