View Full Version : B.M.W. R80 Coil

26th May 2006, 21:06
I need a new coil, cost $407 !!!!!!! It is 1 ohm on the primary twin spark output. Any ideas for a cheaper replacement?:gob:

27th May 2006, 12:19
Try here?....
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Coils-wires-r80rt-r100rt-r100rs-r80rs-r100-r80-bmw_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35606QQitemZ4642776 916QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

27th May 2006, 12:45
Those are Bosch coils, have you tried the Bosch agents for OEM items?

27th May 2006, 13:32
I am a little nervious about these coils as it was about 1986 that they changed to electronic and mine is electronic but thank you. I think they may be about 4 ohms for point ignition. My coil is a single coil with 2 outputs and 1 ohm primary. I think I may be able to replace with 2 single coils of 2 ohm in parrallel to give 1 ohm. Has any one done this or any ideas?

27th May 2006, 21:31
I have purchased a coil identical to the orriginal with no need to experiment with different systems and I am mobile again. Thanks for your advise and offers of help. Regards, Falconer

28th May 2006, 11:47
Just in time for the brass monkey mate lol,:blip:

28th May 2006, 22:05
:scooter: I am intending to be there and was concerned with my problem coil. Goes very well now. It has bugged me for years as an intermittent and I have only found it when it stopped and would not start.

29th May 2006, 17:16
Might meet up with you, are you camping with the KB croud.:doobey:

29th May 2006, 19:51
So far I am heading to the Monkey leaving at about 11 from Dunnos.