View Full Version : Less top end power?

27th May 2006, 15:13
Hi guys

I've just replaced my damaged powervalve with two new powervalves on my RG150, and pulled the topend and re-built it. It's running just fine and has plenty of mid range response now that it didn't used to have.

But.. from about 10-12 where it used to pull hard it just makes lots of noise but no pull. Maybe its just not as obvious as when i lacked midrange, but im sure its lses grunty up top.

There is also a really subtle noise in the engine i cant quite work out, sounds like a lil rattle. Would it be reasonable to think that the springs have somehow come out the valves, rattling around in the powervalve box? Do the springs actuate the valves for topend power??

Cheers in advance guys. :) I'm pretty glad i've got it going again, just want to make sure its going as well as it can. :yes: