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27th May 2006, 22:07
Hey all, just picked up my new RG150 today and have been giving it a thrash- so much fun! But one thing I notice is that between 6-10000rpm it seems very flat then all of a sudden were off again! Is this flat spot normal all you RG boys/girls out there? If not I figure it might have something to do with a sticking powervalve.

Any theories would be appreciated thanks!!

27th May 2006, 22:19
Good on ya, nice choice.

That isn't normal, and your diagnosis of a powervalve issue probably won't be too far off the mark. If you're mechanically inclined in the slightest, open the powervalve chamber in the side of the head, and check what kind of condition they're in, gunk level etc.

If you search around, there's some good info here about how to remove and clean the powervalves.

Good luck with the RG ownership.

28th May 2006, 12:57
Yeah I'll be doing that as soon as possible, cheers man.

classic zed
4th June 2006, 20:42
had a Suzuki FXR150 in recently with the same fault, we tracked it down to the diaphram, no lift mid range then suddenly off she goes, check the diaphram for cracks and splits (thats if it has one)

4th June 2006, 21:03
I had the same problem when I got mine. I tried sorting out the valves myself and found there were 2 broken springs. Replaced them ($3.80 each at wellington motorcycles) and it ran a little bit better but still not right. Took it into Motomart and they fixed the powervalves and de-coked the exhaust for $300. They said someone had been messing around with the valves (wasn't me :whistle: )