View Full Version : Pressure rating for radiator caps??

3rd June 2006, 16:16
What is the correct pressure rating for a ZXR250?

3rd June 2006, 17:48
What's on the one you have...or have you lost it? Give it a clean,it'll be stamped on the top.

3rd June 2006, 18:59
I am replacing one on the bike i am repairing, it was missing one. My ZXR doesn't the original, but it has got 1.1 stamped on it, which I am assuming to be kg/cm2. The one that I managed to find that fits and seals is stamped with 0.9, so I am assuming 0.9kg/cm2.
However I have never seen an original one, or I don't know if the one on my ZXR (running one) is actually the original one.

3rd June 2006, 19:51

3rd June 2006, 20:05
:gob: :doobey: Ahh, that would make plenty of sense. Cheers for that WINJA. DOnt know why i didn't realise it before...dumb.