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18th June 2006, 19:39
I am looking for some information on ignition advancers, what they actually do, how they help, and what I need to look out for. I have found a little information on the net, here (http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-2066.html), but wouldn't mind the esteemed opinions of the knowledgable KB'ers :yes:

I'm wondering if it will help the zx7r, if I fit one. I'm busy sorting out an issue with it, but wanting this information for the future, if the couple of things I have planned don't help.

From what I know, it increases throttle response, and adds more power in the low and mid range. There is an HP gain, but not much, iirc, and not fussed on that. I'm hoping it will be easier to get the bike off the line, as it struggles low down (will find out more on that when the bike gets another tune). Some things I have read possibly indicate that its good for drag racing, which is no use to me, obviously :D

I believe its something to do with igniting the gasses before normal? But something about detonation needing to be looked out for. Also, some mention has been made about needing higher octane fuel, otherwise big problems. I run the bike on 95+ already, but being US data, I have no idea what they consider as high octane (have seen a figure of 92, in the link). Also, some of those US guys are the poser type, riding in city, with a chrome everything bike... again, no use to me.

Speaking to the odd person, some say that an advancer is something done on engines that have had work like porting etc. Some stuff on the web I have seen would indicate that its a pretty basic mod, along with pipe, jet kit, air filter etc. My bike already has a muzzy full system, K&N filter and some other non-performance stuff. I suspect it does need a jet kit, which I am getting, but no idea if its been tuned for the pipe, although from reading, full systems need re-jetting...

Basic plan for bike is another basic service (had one 2k ago), try to find problem, get the bike tuned (dyno in there as well). Only thing is, being poor, it costs (in mechanic time) just opening the bike up for work, so trying to aim to kill several birds with one stone. The advancer is an option, just want to know if it might help, then I will decide later on, if I will actually get one, and fit it.

18th June 2006, 19:58

18th June 2006, 20:11
seen those links sensei, doesn't offer me enough information for my liking... was hoping I could get more info...

Dangers of them, how they help specifically... not the person who sells them, saying how good they are :yawn:

18th June 2006, 20:29
put one on my 1000rx , it works well in conjunction with a pipe and jetting , i had to run it on 96oct , even then it pinged a bit , it was slightly slower off the mark but it was definately faster

F5 Dave
19th June 2006, 11:39
Keep searching on that site & you will find the emulsion tube stuff, chances are yours are worn by now. Also K&Ns do require rejetting, mine needed 2 sizes & had lost over 10hp until I jetted it.