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26th May 2004, 16:27
I have been having problems with my clutch/gearbox on the GF250. When i change into first or second it will not return to neutral without me turning the engine off, for some reason the bike wants to move forward when in gear with the clutch fully in (at handle)

I have adjusted the clutch fully in both directions (tighter and looser) but didnt have any effect.

I admit i thrash my bike a bit. So its probly that the gearbox or clutch has gone out of quilter, or is warn. Any ideas before i take it into the shop and get ripped?

White trash
26th May 2004, 16:43
The clutch is "dragging" or more correctly not disengageing fully.

Yhis is normally an adjustment problem but as you've adjusted it, I'm a bit lost. There is a possiblity that the cable is frayed and stretching when you pull the lever. This will become apparent fairly soon when you go to change gear and the clutch suddenly looses all tension and wont work.

Oh, I just had a thought! Pull the front sprocket cover off. There should be a rubber bung thing in the center of it on the outside. (You may not even have to remove the cover actually)

Under the rubber bit is a corse adjuster which is a flatheaded screw type adjuster with a lock nut. (10mm I think)

I'll bet anything you like that the lock nut's come loose. It means readjusting it before tightning it again but that's not too difficult.

The screw goes in (clockwise) for more clutch disengagement (is that even a word?!) and out for less. From what you describe, I'd say you want to screw it in a little.

Once you've got it correct, a touck of locktite on the thread will stop it happening again.

Jesus! After that little speel, I need a beer. Let us know how you get on.

26th May 2004, 16:44
Many bikes have a pushrod that runs through between the clutch arm and the clutch cover, which is sometimes adjustable, If so then it may need to be lengthened to allow the clutch to clear properly.
If you don't know what youre doing then take it to the shop-how can you call it a rip off if you do not have the knowledge to fix it yourself?

26th May 2004, 17:02
ok, its not the pushrod, i know from previous experience that its not adjustable. I had a look at the adjuster nut thing but had no luck. Im off to the spanner evening tonight so might get someone there to have a look, otherwise she'll be off to the shop when i get some $$$. Its not a rip-off in that sense, just im not in a position to pay at the moment.
student with a one day a week job doesnt get much $$$.

26th May 2004, 17:39
The clutch basket (the outer shell of the clutch #26 in the picture) can get notched where the plates contact it, so rather than being smooth and letting the plates open up freely they stick. Likewise the inner hub (#23) has splines that the driven plates engage with, the spline gets worn and causes the same effect (The picture of the clutch below is from a Harley parts book but they all work pretty much the same.)

Posh Tourer :P
27th May 2004, 08:54
Or you may just have a very worn clutch that needs replacing....