View Full Version : GSX-R750 surging

9th July 2006, 19:01
The gixxer has started surging when accelerating hard. Don't know what's causing it as nothing has been changed.

Lots of revs, no power :(

9th July 2006, 19:10
shagged clutch? those things got mothered at the press launch.

10th July 2006, 08:04
take it back to colemans they look after ya

10th July 2006, 09:28
Yeah sounds like a rooted clutch alright. Still under warranty though aye?

Drunken Monkey
10th July 2006, 10:39
A loose chain can do that too, but it probably is clutch...

10th July 2006, 13:11
you could just swap it for a honda.. :)

10th July 2006, 13:13
Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki. All Jappa bikes are the same. I've had 5 Hondas, 3 Suzuki's, 1 Yamaha & 1 Kawasaki.

10th July 2006, 15:48
You got a full tank of gas mate??

If you are running low and herb it, the gas slops to the bank of the tank and can run the injectors dry. Happens on my 1400 when it gets low.

Let us know whats up okey. :)

10th July 2006, 16:26
lots of revs and hardly any go?? sure its not a harley??:nya: sounds like clutch to me..

10th July 2006, 16:47
Spanks bike wasn't used as a press bike though it was only on display to show off the colour scheme if i'm correct?

Clutch! Maybe adjustment hasn't got enough free play and the clutch can not fully engage, and now it's worn in a bit it is slipping from the wear, where as it still had some grip in the plates when new and wouldn't of done it at first?
Try backing the adjuster on the lever off a bit and see if that helps.
The new K6 600/750 have a slipper clutch this year, may be something a crop in there affetcing the rest of the clutch.
Still a brand new bike get it back to wear you brought it and they'll sort it for you.

10th July 2006, 16:51
He said lots of revs **R1**. I would've thought Spankme could distinguish a slipping clutch from a surging problem.

10th July 2006, 17:21
I don't notice anything riding around town, just when hooning in the back roads. It was fine for two coro loops, but started surging last few days. Will be taking it in to Colemans tomorrow.

11th July 2006, 17:56
and the winner is...

Clutch! Maybe adjustment hasn't got enough free play and the clutch can not fully engage

Drunken Monkey
11th July 2006, 17:59
Don't tell him that, it'll go straight to his head...