View Full Version : Dead spot at 8-9k

John Banks
10th July 2006, 19:36
One thing I noticed on my way to Hamilton was that I hit a dead spot in my rev range at 8k-9k rpm. I'm completely unable to go over 8k rpm, which makes it a bit difficult to go anywhere fast. I get a sort of push-pull feeling while trying to ride. Anyone have any ideas as to why this could be?

10th July 2006, 20:17
Could be dirt in your carbs? or bad plugs, or an ignition coil on the way out.
It'll be either ignition or fuel related, so just a matter of working through each system till something turns up.
Get a manual....

11th July 2006, 01:18
8-9 grand would be getting right up there for a 15 year old v-twin 250. i'll either need re-zorsting/re-jetting, or swapped for an i-l4 to rev much higher.

Fox Rider
11th July 2006, 20:57
My bike had similar problems. I changed the spark plugs and it went fine for about 100km's and then i toke them out and they were black as black can be... Got someone who claims he knew what he was doing, he repositioned the sparkplug leads and changed the spark plugs over again and it has been fine ever since (mine is a 4 cyl. though)...