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11th July 2006, 15:12
Has anyone got a spare clutch lever for a GN? I dropped my bike while putting air in the tyres (yes I know, it was pretty stupid) and it snapped like a toothpick.

Or does anyone know any good wreckers in auckland, preferably west auckland. I've googled and looked in the yellow pages but can't seem to find much.


11th July 2006, 15:22
You will find that levers are pretty cheap to buy new for GN250s. Contact your local dealers, they will probly be around the $20 mark

11th July 2006, 15:24
Do a search for "Bike wreckers List" on KB...
as there are heaps of m/bike wreckers listed.

Contact "SARGE" (Dallas) at Colemans... as Coleman's sells heaps of GN250's.

11th July 2006, 15:27
sweet you're right they're only $15 from Colemans Suzuki, everything else I call them for is bloody expensive so I didn't bother trying them first, thanks for the tip.

11th July 2006, 15:30
I've searched for the "bike wreckers list" before but I still can't find it

11th July 2006, 15:40
It used to be a 'sticky' thread in General Ravings...

But some Moderator has moved it... damned if I know where.

But it was a great list.....

I think Dangerous started the thread last year.

11th July 2006, 16:38
hi mate

ive got one on my old parts gn which is the old drum brake model.... well not the clutch lever but the front brake lever....but you can just flip it upside down if you don't mind seeing where the cable goes into the lever because it will be on top...ive got the rubber sleeve to go over it anyways so it won't matter....

you can have it free ill drop it round to you ....but would be good if ya could chuck me a couple of bucks gas money or something lol ( i'm poor i know) haha

so yeah pm me your address etc.... and ill bring it round tonight buddy

that is if you want it?

11th July 2006, 18:36
If it makes you feel any better about it breaking easily, they do it so that something cheap breaks, instead of transferring the force through into something expensive (like a master cylinder, or the clutch cable holder/bar clamp) :)

13th July 2006, 15:59
yeah thanks that makes me feel better, but it must be pretty weak, it's not like the GN is heavy or anything. Anyway it's all fixed now, trouble is the new lever looks a bit too flash on the bike, I need to scuff it up a bit and scrape some of the paint off it!!

Now if I could just get the electrics fixed............

13th July 2006, 16:07
whats wrong with the electrics? i can come have a look at it for you maybe