View Full Version : Racing in Taranaki?

13th July 2006, 00:41
any were 2 race in taranaki and how much 4 entry level bike?

13th July 2006, 08:29
you talking about motoX or enduro??? might pay to sus out your local motorcycle club and flick them a email...

Racey Rider
13th July 2006, 09:06
We have the Barrett rd Motocross track.

There's a go-cart track at Waitara that someone should inquire about setting up mini bike racing at.

But for road racing, the closest track is Manfield.

13th July 2006, 19:40
I've seen Minibikes racing in Placemakers car park in Hawera.

13th July 2006, 22:02
we 'race' our gokart down rifle range road and Harvey Normans car park - great fun the gokart will be only to happy to have some competition. The gokart track sucks im sure its designed for 100cc's not 250's cause there is no where to open in up.
By the way is there a NP motorcycle club or a regular ridding group ?

13th July 2006, 22:12
Yea Pie N Pint rides in Summer ever 2nd thursday from Energy honda .

13th July 2006, 23:55
heard there is racing at the track by pistol club.
any 1 know how fast a cheap mini moto will cost? are the 1ns on trade me raceable?

14th July 2006, 18:31
Somebody please tell me that Sk8r_boi hasn't been reincarnated...

DVS 69
6th June 2007, 16:18
Hell Yeah id be keen as on sum mini moto at the go kart track. Whos gunna sort it book it and they will come !!!!

Either that or sum mini moto fun suit me i got a cheap chinese pit bike 12" front and 10" rear wheels adjustable suspention etc 125cc Oil Cooled i weigh bout 92kgs and it still goes pretty hard:gob: . A short tight track would be heaps of fun with these little things. They rip the grass up easy as thats why i wanna find other places to ride rather than around the house:shit: But again finding good keen people a mission. COME ON PEOPLE WHERES THE FUN IN WATCHING TV:Punk:

6th June 2007, 17:19
Hi Guys,
Contact the NZMMRC (NZ Minimoto Racing Club). They race on Go-Kart tracks all over NZ. They have a web site. They will be able to tell you if your local Kart Club will allow you on the track. I'm fairly sure they have raced on one of the tracks in Taranaki.
A lot of the Go-Kart tracks dont like pocketbikes or minimotards/pitbikes. For various reasons they are not prepared to share their tracks with anyone, not even to encourage a sport for youngesters or oldies.
I think it is a terrible shame as there are a lot of people out there with bikes.

6th June 2007, 17:25
heard there is racing at the track by pistol club.
any 1 know how fast a cheap mini moto will cost? are the 1ns on trade me raceable?

Any of the watercooled pocketbikes on trademe are fast enough. For small tracks or even indoor they may not be that good.
You can get a cheapo pocketbike and buy a 50cc go-fast kit, and that will be reasonably quick.
Good Luck!

6th June 2007, 19:35
Hi all I am the president of NZMMRC and am hoping to hold round 5 of the minimoto National series in Taranaki labour weekend at the kart track... We have raced there once before last year just waiting to hear from the kart club president to see if all is good with the rest of the commitee. Keep an eye here www.nzmmrc.co.nz for dates and details.


6th June 2007, 19:40
heard there is racing at the track by pistol club.

No no, you've got it wrong. There's no track by the Pistol Club. There are, however, days when we practice moving target shooting.

6th June 2007, 19:49
hmmmm... would be fun. Wouldn't mind watching the event if it comes to Taranaki.