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2nd June 2004, 19:19
not really a learners bike, but i guess if you're a little older, maybe getting back onto a bike, it is great.

size-wise, i'm 6'2" and i was very happy with the fit. cruising around town for 30 minutes could get a little sore, but open road was fine. i did plenty of 250k rides without stopping.

hated being cold, needed full choke for about 3 kms, then it was fine. as soon as the temp got to 35 degrees it would idle all day. i initially had trouble with plugs fouling, but found that some idiot had put cheap non-resistored NGK's in it. $25 platinum ones sorted that out, and made a huge power difference.

happy cruising in 6th at 108k, overtaking without changing was fine, but for any sort of angry accelleration a trip into 3rd gear was best - right on the 7000rpm powerband, and if it was held there it would get to 160ishk before running out of puff. pulling 4th then 5th though brings a strong surge right thru to red light in each gear, pulling about 220 in 6th. better breathing through race pipes and intake would make it a better high speed bike (that's 180 and above......)

didn't like being muscled about. it nearly threw me off a couple of times when i was too violent changing sides in a set of about 7 corners (under 80km/h) i have near home. it responded best when a subtle weight shift went on, and it was simply a doddle to get my knee onto the ground. it cornered like it was on rails with just a slight shift in weight - with none it was a bit vague.

unbelievable stopping power thru twin HUGE brembos on the front, liked a bit of back brake too to keep the suspension sorted. 2 fingers on the brake lever, and only a thought about foot pressure stops this bike like no other i have ridden.

COOL digital speedo/timer/temp, rotary RPM with and adjustable rev limit indicator, which flashed real bright at you - was cool to fang past boy racers at night til the red light flashed (bright enough to light up your chest) then change up, hook the front wheel, and fuck off into the distance......

the RS was often mistaken for a 600, and more than once mistaken for an RSV. it is a very imposing beast, which always got admiring comments and looks. the frame and swing arm are a work of art.

i didn't really want to sell it, but a good offer and the thought of a bigger faster bike was too much. if i could have kept it for a weekend machine i would have. it was a dream to ride in the country, and i often used to take it out for a 50 km loop that is near to my place. i'd end up doing the loop 3 times!

i fed it 96 gas and oil (syn/min mix) and if i cruised could get over 300k out of a tank. (17l to reserve) i could also get 180k if i tried hard..... went thru a litre of oil about every 1200kms. shied away from full synthetic, as not only is it riduclously expensive, if i ever ran out away from a supply, i couldn't pick it up just anywhere. i used to keep 200mls in a plastic bottle under the seat, just in case though. ran recommended gearbox oil, and occasionally fed it avgas, made a definate difference to high end, but smelled cool too (helps when you're an aero clubbie)

the best thing about the RS is that it rides like a vespa around town, but on the open road and in the twisties it rides like a super bike (which i guess it is really - a 250 version).

i reckon that it is the coolest 250 on the market.

2nd June 2004, 20:40
It's certainly is a fine beast, one of my all time dream bikes.

I loves it!
Pity about the pricetag :(

Ghost Lemur
2nd June 2004, 20:59
It's certainly is a fine beast, one of my all time dream bikes.

I loves it!
Pity about the pricetag :(


Still would have loved to have seen them bring out a 4stroke 250. Would have been a work of art like the rs I expect.

2nd June 2004, 21:05
This bike makes a nonsense of the "250cc for learners" requirement that the LTSA has. The sooner we go the New South Wales way the better!

curious george
2nd June 2004, 21:06
Pity about the pricetag :(

I missed it. What was it?

Marty, could you do me a favour please, measure the distance between the brake mount bolts? Center to center. And what is the rotor size please?
I am trying to fit rs250 forks to my RGV.

2nd June 2004, 22:41
About $10k second hand last time I checked :o

3rd June 2004, 18:32
i got 9 for it. was gonna get $8500 for a trade, so moved it to a 30ish english dude who had had one in the UK. i made money on it, so i was happy. sorry george - can't do the measuring. last time i looked there was one in the bike shop on gundry st off great north rd opposite red baron - can't remember their name. they had slack service and no parking

3rd June 2004, 18:38
As far as 2 mokers go this is deffinitly the pick of the litter. Having played on RG's and RGV's over the years the RS is the best.

Pity that they are no more! Just read in T.W.O (April '04) that Aprilla have decided to drop them from there line coz Suzuki wont supply them anymore RGV engines.

The end of 2 smokers is in sight thanks to California