View Full Version : New indicator, now bike won't start! (gpx 250)

18th July 2006, 12:41
Alright well I put a new indicator in yesterday, what I did was connect the 2 wires up with a choc block (I think that's what they're called). I turned the key and tested the indicators, all was fine. So I went to bed content.

Now today I just tried to start 'er up and it would churn for a bit but never start, and eventually gives a very strange loudish rattling sound, like *titiitititititiitititi*. I'm clueless when it comes to this, but could the battery possibly be dead due to constant playing with indicator lights and not actually starting up the bike?

And if so, what's the tititititit noise it's making? :/

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

18th July 2006, 12:43
Recharge the battery and all should be good. The noise is the starter solenoid.

18th July 2006, 12:51
Yep, battery is now flat, and the solenoid is bitching about it.

18th July 2006, 13:09
Ahh, well that relieved me a bit.. sorry for the newbie questions, I bet you guys are sick of that by now!

Looks like I'll have to invest in a charger, I have my old mans charger he used for is zzr1100 here but I don't think it's safe to use on my little battery, it says not to charge on a 12v lower than 20ah or something, and mine's 12v-9ah

18th July 2006, 21:52
get a 20 buck charger from the big red

18th July 2006, 22:22
if with a fully charged battery you still get the tick tick ticking its probably the soleniod thats dead.
Im waiting to get mine back from the soleniod packing it in.

19th July 2006, 00:12
ill try get you a charger from work tommorrow...should be able to get it for you for free

Racey Rider
19th July 2006, 07:42
Just bump/crash start it and take it for a good ride. the bike should charge the battery up itself.

19th July 2006, 09:21
Yup, it's all good now fellas, thanks for the help! It's running like a dream once again!

19th July 2006, 10:06
Ahh, well that relieved me a bit.. sorry for the newbie questions, I bet you guys are sick of that by now!Everyone has areas of knowledge, that's why God blessed us with the Internet :D :yes:

26th July 2006, 12:03
So uh, I kinda screwed my leg up and didn't really want to ride with a bung leg and after the first _quick_ charge the battery is now dead again..

I have a charger, I hooked it up but the light says it's already at "MAX".. I left it on there for about 5 minutes just to make sure, then put it back in and tried starting it up, to no avail.

So I then decided to use the behemoth zzr1100 next to mine to jump start it but I couldn't get to the zzr's battery with the jumpstart plugs without touching other metal area's.. I didn't know if that was safe or not so I kinda flagged that idea.

So my options are - pushing it 900 miles to a hill thats long enough for my newbie ass to figure out how to get it going or using this recharger (the zzr1100 recharged from halfway to max on it and goes like a dream now so the charger definately works.), it just seems a bit weird that it shows up as "MAX" when it's clearly drained :/

3rd August 2006, 15:00
Push/jump-start it on a flat piece of ground. Easy once you get used to jumping on the bike after pushing it to a jogging pace.

The Pastor
3rd August 2006, 16:27
You may of somehow shorted the battery out which makes it go flat very quickly or your battery is stuffed (i.e charging wont help much best to get a new one)

Can u try using the zzr1100's batter in there? Its probably a bit to big....

4th August 2006, 11:43
wherebouts in auckland are ya?