View Full Version : Te Atatu Kart track

19th July 2006, 14:18
Has anyone here tried to book the Te atatu outdoor kart track for the mini motos? I'm thinking of trying to contact them and put a good story in front of them.

I'm thinking they'd be worried about damage to the track so I may have to tell them that we'll all be running rubber footpegs and bar end protectors?


19th July 2006, 18:51
Bulldog, word is they are very protective of their track and don't like to share.

Interestingly enough however. BMW use it for for their introductory rider training days ( I did one a couple of years ago ) so getting access to the track may be difficult but not impossible.

Maybe just a case of finding the right person to talk to at the kart club, and asking if you could do a demo race at one of their meetings.

It is a great little track to ride, if you can get on it.