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21st July 2006, 08:45
I'll do a cut and paste of a couple of the emails Peter Boettcher sends out to the trials riders,he explains about the Tri Series and it's intentions.It really is a great series and I think I came 4th one year - a huge confidence booster for someone as low down on the scale as me.......

The Tri-Series

In the late 1990's, the Hamilton trials scene began to
liven up, I think due to the efforts of Neil McCabe
with classic and twin shock events. This allowed
similar riders from Auckland to participate as the
trials were not too far away. Also, some Auckland
riders were traveling to Tauranga for their club
trials and a happy time was had by all.
In 2000, I sorted out a series strategy with Wayne
Cann to tie in the three main centres and have trials
where the lowest point scorer, in any of the three
grades could win the event, not necessarily the best
Expert rider.
The intention was to allow an opportunity for other
less gifted riders to win the series.
In order to attain this, and cater for the Classic A,
Classic B, Clubmen, Intermediate and Expert riders, we
came up with this simple system.

Experts and top Inters were to ride old dungers, in
the spirit of the event, twin shock Bultaco, Honda,
Ossa, BSA for example and were to ride to the red
arrows on the sections.

Other Inters, modern good Clubbies and Classic A ride
to the yellow arrows.

Modern Clubbies, starting off and Classic B ride
anywhere between red and white.

This made it a fairly easy task for marking out
sections and did allow for all grades of riders to win
the series and hold onto the Tri-Series cup for a
I bought the cup as I wanted to put a little back into
the sport and called it the Tri-Series, to be
contested for over the three rounds in Auckland,
Hamilton and Tauranga.

Through the efforts of Allan Reddie, we came up with
an extra scoring system to identify a teams award for
the highest points scoring "district" over the three
rounds. I don't know if this is still functioning or
not or even who would sort out the scores.

Back to the trials - the events were just brilliant,
lots of riders, sometimes over 50, heaps of different
classes of bikes and lots of fun, what more could you
ask for.

I have noticed that, over the past few years some of
the better riders are not on their old dungers, which
needs to be addressed. The intention is to allow any
rider to win and not to make the sections overly
difficult to test the top riders on their modern bikes
which then makes things difficult for lesser riders.

I suggest that any Expert rider and top Intermediate
rider who wishes to ride their modern bikes can do so,
but not be eligible for series points. This keeps the
section marking straight forward and is in keeping
with the spirit of the event; to allow any rider to

Riders with modern bikes in this category would be:
Andrew Poad
Robert Poad
Warwick Merriman
Peter Boettcher
Kevin Knowles
Matt Kershaw
Ray Skinner
Chris Birch

Tri Series Winners

2000 Peter Boettcher - Bultaco /Wayne Cann - Gas Gas
2001 Andrew Bloodworth -Ossa Clubmen
2002 Paul McLoud TY175? Inter
2003 Kevin Knowles ? inter
2004 Warrick Merriman ? Expert
2005 Darren Stockman Scorpa clubmen

That's about all for now.

Bye, Peter Boettcher.

21st July 2006, 08:54
And this is Peter's write up of the 1st round in Tauranga.Good to see Andrew Poad showing what can be done on a TLR250,I think it is the ex Warrick Merriman bike,and he was good on it too.Anyone who doubts the TLR's ability as a trials bike should see one ridden by an Expert.It looks like I am not doing any trials this year - when I can do them they have been cancelled,they are on when I can't make it....

Tri Series Round 1 - Tauranga 9 July 2006

This was a really good event. Wonderful, sunny,
typically Tauranga weather meant that there was good
turnout of riders - even observers for some of the 8
sections, what a luxury.
Paul McLeod assisted by fellow Tauranga club riders
laid out 8 well-marked and sorted sections on long
time trial supporter/once rider, Owen Poad's property.
The trial catered for all grades of riders and bikes
from old big single four strokes to the latest Raga
replica Gas Gas, and any rider could win the day! Not
just the best Expert.
Incidentally, mentioning Experts, it was great to see
ex multi NZ trials champ, Andrew Poad (yes, having
just a little home advantage) riding so effortlessly
on a twin shock 250 4T Honda in the top purple grade.
Always good to watch.
Another ex NZ trials Champ was there just for the
weekend Paul Symons, who last won the title on a 325
Bultaco, from memory. He came fifth in the Expert
Some familiar accents cropped up in the form of the
Belll brothers, "ay up lad, I were nearly clean in
that un" they said. Sounding like Duggie is just half
the battle though. Friendly lads.
Good to see Tony Perkins finish the event, and without
any injury! And he wasn't last!
Nice touch from the organizing girls, finishing the
day with a slice of home baked fruit cake.

Next Tri-Series event is round 2 in Hamilton on 30
July. You must be there. These are seriously good fun,
for all riders. Details to follow later.
Remember to bring your MNZ license.

Saludos, Peter Boettcher.