View Full Version : Racing, Wellington, Sunday 20th August 2006

The Beast
15th August 2006, 16:57
Wellington Sunday 20 th
Lascom Raceway
Upper Hutt

Safety gear required, Kart suit or leathers.
$35 race fee.
Sign on, 8.30am.

See you there.

The Beast
16th August 2006, 20:38
Come on guys, Madboy? Ivan, what about your brother?

17th August 2006, 17:10
Just broke up with the missus, so my to-do list at home looks worse than my to-do list at work! If I can get the bike started I might, I say MIGHT, come for a dawdle.

The Beast
17th August 2006, 19:24
Sorry to hear that, mate. Well we might see you then.

18th August 2006, 11:26
I might have to show up to embaras myself on The Orange mans home track:scooter:

The Beast
19th August 2006, 22:26
Are you gonna be there Broomie? Come on, don't be a sook. Keen to see some funny's...:Punk:

21st August 2006, 08:01
opps... wrong fred, should've got me spec out first, thought the thread was for Wellingtons round of the nats on the 22nd :shit: That's when he'll kick my :moon:

The Beast
21st August 2006, 16:55
That meeting will be a big one I'd say. I look forward to that one...
Good day out, numerous spills, pretty major crash seemed to total my bike, those bloody back markers getting in my way while I'm trying to lap them... All is well though.