View Full Version : Lamp Checker Purpose

15th August 2006, 21:23
Besides indicating when the brakes are applied, what else does the lamp checker do on my old 74 TX500 - it's not a warrantable function so at US $60 for another one I am unsure if I need it. Anyone got any clue as to what else it does?

15th August 2006, 21:33
Not worth buying i would say.....but as a classic i would buy one for the future....they wont get get any cheaper......love to see a pic of the old girl...:innocent:

16th August 2006, 06:34
From my shattered memory, I seem to recall that the lamp lights up if your brake light doesn't - just a warning that that your brake light bulb is kaput.
Only worth replacing if you are going for a concours restoration, otherwise save your money for replacing the balancer shaft chain.