View Full Version : Any1 know were to buy pocket bike tyres?

18th August 2006, 17:41
Hi does anyone know were i can get some pocket bike tyres in auckland?? cause my one is stuffed :(


18th August 2006, 18:04
Seen them here in Hams

Mobile Alarm Specialist

Address: Opposite Rollo's Marine 549 B Te Rapa Rd Hamilton

Phone number: 0-7-850 5048

18th August 2006, 18:09

There aer a few places in auckers that sell them there is a plce out your way cant remember what it's called but I can show you where it is.

18th August 2006, 19:44
If you just want a cheap chinker tyre, then try TLC Bikes in Manukau.
I cant remember their ph no. but they are in the phone book and are open on weekends. Give them a call first to make sure they have some. They are about $15-$20 last time we bought one.
The best advice I have been given re tyres, was by Gadgit. Put a front tyre on the rear and they dont wear out so fast.
It works well for me!!!!

18th August 2006, 20:04
thanks alot guys :)

18th August 2006, 21:08
Someone else has just told me that the tyres at TLC are now $35 for a rear. Damn NZ $ has to go up before we get a better price.
The place isn't open on the weekends now either.

The Beast
19th August 2006, 22:29
Although we are in Wellington, we can ship 'em up to you. We are also the NZ agent for Sava Race tyres. Just follow the link in my signature.:rockon:

28th August 2006, 15:03
Try looking at this website.
This business just started in Mount Maunganui supplying minimotos & parts.
I bought one last week theyr much better quality than the older ones mine goes hard

11th October 2006, 23:06
Just reading up on all this mini moto business! Dont know what I've let myself in for here!! Finally bought one tho have yet to take it out the box hehe.

27th March 2007, 18:40
$35 is normal retail for a better than factory Chinese tyre.
Any cheaper and I wouldnt touch it. At $35 a shops profit on a tyre is only around $8.00, sure they can stock the cheap crap ones, but we should be trying hard to establish a quality parts market here in NZ. I've heard many horror stories about cheap tyres.

If you want to drive out to Newmanz R/C Direct in Rosebank Road, Avondale. You will get wholesale prices. Just send me a PM.