View Full Version : Mt Wellington, 30th September,2006

3rd September 2006, 20:42
Mt Wgtn, 30th September,2006

Sign on 8.30am-9.00am

Practice for all riders starts at 9am.
$20.00 per rider/or
$10 for MNZ Riders

Practice will go all morning and then points racing will start after lunch.
We will still have practice rounds after lunch too.

If anyone can help with flag marshalling and lap scoring, then please see me on the day.
Full training will be given.
Dont forget your MNZ Licence if you wish to race.

1st October 2006, 17:44
hi guys,
We had a great day of racing at the track on saturday.
The sun was hot, the track got hot and the racing was fast.
Welcome to the newcomers, hope you had a good day.
The Pitbikes were impressive, you guys have improved heaps.
Hope to see everyone there again next meeting.

2nd October 2006, 10:03
I have some photos I'll post here later today.

Had a great day. Learning to ride my water cooled. I think I need some sava's to get anywhere near tim and 3m man! Or maybe more talent?

4th October 2006, 10:41
Hey Bulldog, Did you get any pics of the bucket racers? I would be keen if you got any of the Pitbike guys! :)

What an awesome day! Cant wait till the next one! :D