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6th September 2006, 11:48
Hi guys,

A mate and I are keen on getting into some bucket racing on our Pit bikes out at the local go-cart tracks etc... We have all our gear (leathers, back protector, bikes, etc etc etc). But need RIMS and Tyres!!!

We have heard that 12" is the way to go (and looks better than the little 10" ones) and am able to pickup a set of rims for an OK price. However we want to put some good road rubber on the rims but the little 1.4" Wide rims won’t fit the 120 70 12 tyres we want (sava MC28's).

What have you guys done go motard your little pittys? What size and type of rubber have you got? Does it stick OK?? And most importantly, WHERE CAN I GET SOME? AND HOW MUCH?

I'm getting a bit frustrated! The longer it takes, the less racing we can do! :)



6th September 2006, 21:09
I ran 10 inch tyres on mine for a while you can get Pirelli's your local bike shop should be able to get them.

I upgraded to 12 inch wheels and tyres which cost me 500 bucks. A pair of 12 inch tyres will cost you nearly $200. There are a couple more options for tyres with 12 inch wheels Metzler, Continental, Pirelli etc again your local bike shop should be able to get them. On 12 inch wheels you can fit a 120 on the back and a 100 on the front, I don't think a 110 will fit on the front so be careful.

I have a second hand pair of 10 inch tyres you can have for $40 if you want them. (as new condition)

You can race at Mt Wellington. The next meeting is 30th September practice day and 1st october race day.

Hope that helps

6th September 2006, 21:57
Cheers for the help! Do you know what size rims you have? the biggest i can find is a 1.6" Rim! I'm sure a 120 wont fit on that!!

I noticed you were selling that bike on trademe?? Care to sell the 12" rims & Road tyres? :)

7th September 2006, 18:04

Sorry that bike has been sold, along with both sets of wheels and tyres.

I couldn't tell you the rim size. I brought them from Silver Fern the Honyo agent. You could call Nick there he my be able to help.

If you are intendiing to race the bike, invest in good rims and tyres it's not worth cutting costs buying cheap chinese rubbish.