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29th September 2006, 20:24
Has anyone done the road riding trainning course held by the hamilton motorcycle club at the taupo track as i am thinking of riding down there and doing the trainning as it sounds good and im into improving my riding skills,any feedback is welcome.

26th October 2006, 10:21
Hi, I'm in the club so you can PM me with any specific questions.

Generally the format runs like
1. Have a classroom session on tyres / suspension / riding gear / cornering lines etc.
2. Go out on the track and practice stuff from the class
3. Watch others doing thier thing on the track (stand around and talk drivel with other bikers ;) )

Each of these is about 20 minutes, and so after six hours or so you have managed an hour and a half on the track (lunch break etc), which might not seem like much but a lot of people end up so tired they don't do one or two of the later sessions.

It is on a Saturday this year so that riders can stay the night in Taupo if wished or even just relax in a hot pool and head home late because of no work on a Sunday.

oh yeah, we even have a webpage now!

www.ridertraining.org.nz (http://www.ridertraining.org.nz)

This day suits people who maybe feel intimidated about going to a "track-day" as such, race and track day bikes aren't allowed (exceptions may be granted)

29th October 2006, 21:17
Thanks for that,I was going to ride down to taupo from auckland for it but now have got something else on.It sounds like a good day out i hope to make it for the next one or a similar course.


29th October 2006, 21:55
how much is it?

Just found it on the callendar. Doesn't say how much for entry though.

29th October 2006, 23:12
$95.00 more info here http://www.hamiltonmcc.org.nz/