View Full Version : (Almost o/t) Marlon Brando dies

4th July 2004, 04:58
Marlon Brando has died at age 80.

With his broken nose and rebellious nature, Brando defined 'macho' for a generation with his classic performance in "The Wild One" (1953).

Francis Ford Coppola, who directed Brando in "Apocalypse Now", said: "Marlon would hate the idea of people chiming in to give their comments about his death. All I'll say is that it makes me sad he's gone."

To many, Brando remained the motorcycle-riding rebel he played in "The Wild One". Asked what he was rebelling against, Brando replied, "Whaddya got?"

He said he only made movies for the money. "Acting is an empty and useless profession," he said.

Despite this, Brando inspired a generation of rebel actors, including James Dean.

4th July 2004, 07:22
RIP Marlon ... :(

4th July 2004, 17:02
His best movie..........One Eyed Jacks..........with Karl Marldon. Pretty dam good in the God Father but the western........took some beating for me.