View Full Version : Computer glitch may put Honda bikers in fast lane

5th July 2004, 01:18
Honda’s US office in Detroit is recalling nearly 8,200 2004 machines because of a computer glitch that could prompt their drivers to go too fast.

The program error causes the digital speedometer on some of the bikes to understate actual vehicle speed by about 25 percent, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

"This condition can result in the vehicle being driven at an illegal or unsafe speed," said an NHTSA representative. They would not elaborate further, but allegedly police may already have noticed a disproportionate number of people breaking speed limits lately on late-model Honda motorcycles.

I wonder how well that defence will hold up in court?

I don't know how widespread the problem with the speedos is, but I have also heard of a few cases in the UK as well. So if you've bought a new Honda lately (I think it is the VFR 800 that is affected), get it calibrated. Dealer should be happy to do so - hopefully for free.