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29th October 2006, 23:07
Hi guys,

I borrow my brothers unloved Suzuki SJ50QT often and picked it up today to find the electric starter wouldn't go. First guess was the battery was gone again (last time it was actually a terminal of the battery snapped clean off) but if you look in the under-seat compartment with the scooter not running the light is glowing.

However, the compartment light is glowing fairly dim - Is there a cut-off voltage or something that would simply stop the electric start if the battery was near-flat? When riding it after kick-starting the horn sounds weak (i.e. off the motor, not the battery). My question is, where is the/a fuse that would affect this (bearing in mind the compartment light still functions when the scooter is not running). Or is it just a flat battery? (BTW, do these things have alternators because we've run it a fair bit since noticing the issue...)

Unfortunately my brother has the manual at the moment and searching the interwebs for electrical diagrams of the scooter has been less than fruitful (just lots of results regarding unrestricting the SJ50's :yes: )

Cheers guys - I'm trying to avoid yet another trip to the motorcycle repair store for something that seems to have a simple solution.

- Damian

29th October 2006, 23:14
Your battery is either flat, and needs a good charge, or worn out and needs replacing. Charge the battery. If the problem does not recoccur, well and good. If it comes back after a few days, new battery needed. They don't last forever.

(Yes, scooters do have alternators to charge the battery)

6th November 2016, 14:31
Hi know this post was like ages ago but do you have a manual for a suzuki sj50 and if so how much or can you email me a copy , kevin