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11th July 2004, 08:15
I bought this one new in aug 2000,this is the last of the SRAD shape,and the second fuel injected model.I ran it in as per manual.Always kept the services ect up to date.Had it two years in which time I fitted first a kerker muffler(did 118rwhp on dyno),then a yoshi rs3 exhaust(ran 119 hp with no setting up),opened up the airbox,TRE mod,k&n and remapped it,I also had yosh rearsets on it and dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket.I then traded it with 15000k's on the clock to baycity m/c's(I removed all the good bits).They sold it to some guy for a couple of months,who then traded it back to them(for a ZX12 too,same as me).Then Jimbo750 bought it from them,he owned it for just over a year,then traded it in at Holeshots on his newer one.My mate saw it there,so I went to have a look at the old girl,took it for a ride and traded the ZX12 back on it(and draco's 400...)It had 34000 k's on it.It now has just clicked over 40,000.
O.k. that's the history lesson over with.
In the time I've owned it the only thing I've replaced(other than oil and filters)was the front wheel bearings,and a few clutches.The clutches were from dragracing it,I'm a killer on clutches though,I usta go through 1 per meeting(I also only got 2-3 meetings on a ZX12 clutch).I've never had to replace one on the road though.
Anyone who's ridden with me can attest to the fact that I'm not kind to my bikes,this one spends a good part of it's life at high rpm on the rear wheel,and this has proved to be a really strong,reliable machine.
Performance wise,it goes very well,it will run a 11 sec 1/4 mile with my 95kg on it,and I've seen 270kph on the speedo,still accelerating.It loves rpm though,and really doesn't start pulling hard 'till 9000rpm,but from there pulls hard all the way to the rpm limiter(about 13500 rpm).Will pull wheelies effortlessly in 2nd up to about 120kph,and with a bit of a hump to launch off will come up in third up to about 160kph.
Handling is almost faultless,corners with the best of them(as long as you don't stuff up all suzuki's good r&d and fit a 180 rear)and is fairly stable,so much so that I was running it with no steering damper for a while.I've now raised the rear approx 10mm(adjustable with shims)and fitted an aftermarket steering damper.I feel with this setup you really couldn't get a better handling machine.
I'm in no hurry to sell it again,and another of my good freinds also has one rides very much the same as me,also has had no problems and is also not even considering selling his.These bikes are great value,I really don't think anyone would regret buying one.


11th July 2004, 09:39
I can attest that this is one good gixxer. Before this I had a gsxr750WP in the UK and shit me the fuel injected version is much quicker. Great shape too. The only issue I had was brake fade at a Manfeild track day. Fanfuckin'tastic bike.

12th July 2004, 13:56
Was that with those dodgy premier pads that are in there?I regularaly cook them on the road,no such probs with the originals.I'm gonna replace them with some EBC or Ferodo's soon.....
One other bit I wil add is that during the weekend I broke the mounts where the headlight mounts to the headlight frame(too many hard landings :whistle: ) and my other mate has also done this in the past...

Two Smoker
12th July 2004, 14:08
Awesome write up Death :niceone: yep i can attest to its extreme speed, and also from what i have seen, in the few seconds i see Death, it is a very stable machine, whether it is on 1 wheel or 2 wheels.......

White trash
12th July 2004, 17:09
at during the weekend I broke the mounts where the headlight mounts to the headlight frame(too many hard landings :whistle: ) and my other mate has also done this in the past...

Yup. Been there done that on me '98.

12th July 2004, 19:58
Yup. Been there done that on me '98.

'kin hell mate you broke the whole god damn bike!!

13th July 2004, 10:09
that wouldn't suprise me either

14th October 2004, 06:17
I have one too now and I love it.
Had a '03 Busa b4 it and I have to learn how to change gears twice as much and remember that the power wont start coming in till around 8-9000 rpm ! :eek:

curious george
14th October 2004, 14:00
Heyhey, I am a new owner of the 99 model too thanks to WT and slick online selling.
It's a bit of a step up from the RGV250, but in a good way.
The first thing any owner should do is fit some kind of 'double bubble' screen as the clocks get blocked from view with the OEM one.
Previous owner had yoshi rearsets and engine case, Remus can and K&N air filter.
I don't know what it goes like stock, but with this setup it's fantastic throughout the rev range.
Stearing is a little heavy about town, but apparantly removing the stearing damper improves things in this department, with the obvious potential headshakes at higher speed. I don't really know, I haven't tried it.
The only trouble I have had so far is the speedo in MPH, not KPH, which is taking a little while to get used to.
Anybody know how to fix this easily?
I've done a few long trips in the few weeks I've owned it, and I thought the riding position was much more comfortable than usually given credit for. Maybe I've got used to the tiny RGV, but I found the 750 quite roomy and comfortable.
In summary: Farking great bike about town and open road, with the obvious no encouragement needed for speed.

14th October 2004, 18:57
Funny you should mention the screen as I have just put one on - Zero Gravity dark tint Double bubble from ZGOUTLET off eBay. It cost $125 landed here which I thought was pretty good and my speedo reads in MPH as well but I'm slowly getting used to it ! :msn-wink:

14th October 2004, 21:46
Im curious why you changed from it in the begining? Nice to see you came full circle. Newer isnt always better.