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The Big J
29th November 2006, 09:25

I am planning my trip to infinity and beyond here :
www.locokiwi.com (http://www.locokiwi.com) :yes:

While planning arrival purchase etc. with some acquaintances in USA I have been approached by a guy selling a Transalp that has already been around the world. Purchase wouldn't be sight unseen but I am wondering what sort of opinions people have regarding the design of the bike to go to very high kms as I'll be putting 25000 ks on this in about 9 months. Being a Vtwin Honda my impression is that the reliabililty would be good?
the proxy I had considered was the KLR.

also anyone care to comment on how easy it is to locate parts? Again being Honda I presume pretty easy.

I see a T/A parked up on Featherston st and a KB sticker on the swingarm - I always stop and have a look at it!

I'll have a look at Horizons. People who have transalps seem to love them. And I'm attracted to them to... unnaturally so

29th November 2006, 11:36
The Transalp was only sold in the US for a couple of years,and the numbers were low.So they are not common over there and parts could be a problem.The only adventure bike they have avaiable for any period of time is the KLR650,apart from BMW's.The Transalp is by far the better bike,but in the US I'd go for the KLR650.

29th November 2006, 12:08
...in the US I'd go for the KLR650.
They have a good rep, the only thing to look out for being a dodgy camchain tensioner, which there is a well-publicised fix for. Anyway, Hondas are bad for that (if not worse) in any case.

The Big J
29th November 2006, 15:00
thanks, will ask about parts over there.
yeah the KLR is well documented, popular, simple beast.
The transalp is superior but more expensive accordingly.
I'm not even certain he's ready to sell so will just see how it pans out but am more dubious.

30th November 2006, 10:41
I see a T/A parked up on Featherston st and a KB sticker on the swingarm - I always stop and have a look at it!

Oi! you lookin' at my Bike ;-)

The TA is an awsome bike, Very Very capable machine!
Would be perfect for your travels. How many km's?
As for parts, depends where you are but riding those roads and you will either be waiting weeks or using #8 wire irrespective of what bike you are riding. Just be wary of any make that isn't one of the big manufacturers. And find a microfiche for the bike and carry it on cd or mem key, that way you can find the part munbers.

Cos you are in town, you need to get your butt down to Razoo (waring taylor st) today (thursday) at 12:00 for lunch. should have my lid with me.